National Athiests Day - April 1

Tomorrow is national athiests day - April 1
The fool says in his heart there is no God

My Air Guitar

I was with a couple of our youth at their house after music practice tonight. Somehow we were talking about music and I go "Oh I got my AIR GUITAR out in the car, let me go and get it" so I went out to my car and I yell out "Hey give me a hand would ya with the amp".. so I brought in my air guitar and another guy was playing it and I said be careful its 5 finger discount, the 2 bottom strings are missing.. I got it from cashies (Cash converters).

As I was going I said that they could keep the air guitar so when I report it stolen I could claim it on insurance. ROFL.

God in the NASCAR

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'The Newsboys' in concert

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A.D.D Day

Happy A.D.D Day.. the day where kids eat too much chocolate and go hypo

My 2 cents

What to do, what to do,
I'm really bored. Its Easter Saturday and I've eaten the last hot cross bun. Who in their right mind puts one hot cross bun back into the bag and ties a knot in it? the worst part is trying to open it without destroying the bun... what don't you want no one to have it?

Easter eggs are a waste of money... So I got my family some blocks of Chocolate... more filling and better than some chocolate rabbits made in taiwan or china.

If easter is about rabbits, I should go to the butcher and ask them for some rabbit meat.. made from Chocolate!! - Theres an idea there! DON'T STEAL IT UNLESS YOU GIVE ME HALF! LOL


Its official
I'm addicted to Blogging

Top 5 Seinfeld Episodes EVER!

Heres the Top 5 Seinfeld Episodes EVA!

1. Festivus Episode
2. The Soup Nazi
3. The Chinese Takeaway
4. The Merv Griffin Show
5. The Murphy Brown one... Kramer leaves New York and gets a part on Murphy Brown

other favourites include: The real Peterman Reality Tour episode, the one where George has a doll that looks like his mum, and some others... HEY They were all good thers 180 episodes... I got about 1/3 of them all.

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Whats the Deal With Ovaltine

Whats the deal with Ovaltine?
The lid is round, the tin is round, why don't the call it Roundtine?

Ask Mike A Question

Hey you guys,
Ask me a question! Wanna know something how will you know unless you ask. Need advice? Ask me, What to know where the weapons of mass destruction are? Ask me!

My Photo Album

I love taking photos.. I'm not a photo grapher but I've got a place to show my photos from New Zealand and some of my collection of V8 Supercars Photos


Pants war erupts in sumo world

Woman Eating Chili Bites Into Human Finger

Anyone for finger food?

So What Rhymes with 'Charles' Then?

"It really doesn't matter who is sitting on the throne
They are all as dull as dishwater and should be left alone."

Cat Shoots Owner

My Pics From New Zealand

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Its Easter Tomorrow

its Easter tomorrow, one of the most important days on the Christian Calendar. I wish someone would kill the Easter bunny

V8's in Adelaide

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So, some guys from church came around on Sunday after church to watch the V8's... what an awesome race... Ambrose 1st, Lowndsey 2nd, poor russ, that gear box cost 2nd place.

But Me thinks Craig Lowndes is back

About time!

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