The piracy Dept.

MICROSOFT is using more stringent controls for registering legitimate copies of Windows in an effort to curtail piracy.

Microsoft expanded its "Windows Genuine Advantage" program, requiring users of its software to verify their copies of software in order to receive add-ons to Windows XP.

Security-related updates to its software, which are used to plug software flaws exploited by viruses and hackers, will be exempt so that all users can avoid infection and, to prevent the wider spread of viruses, director of Microsoft's Windows Genuine program David Lazar said.
"This is another tool in our arsenal," he said, adding that a third of installed Windows programs worldwide are pirated copies.

Microsoft began the program on a trial basis and expanded it to more than 20 countries in February. Microsoft is targeting software piracy in places such as China, Norway and the Czech Republic, where the use of pirated software is more widespread.

Microsoft said it was trying to reclaim revenue that the company and its reseller lose due to piracy, which it said resulted in billions of dollars in lost income.

Microsoft said, however, that it would no longer require legitimate Windows users to enter a product code, a string of 25 numbers and letters, in order to verify that a copy of Windows is legitimate. Instead, Microsoft said it will check hardware data to verify that multiple copies of Windows aren't being installed on different personal computers.

Customers whose copies of Windows are found to be pirated have two options: send in a pirated CD and fill out a piracy form to receive a legitimate copy for no charge; or, in the case that there is no CD or proof of purchase, buy a new copy of Windows XP Home for $US99 ($130) or Windows XP Professional for $US149.

The Delusions Dept.

The I'm Gonna Be President Dept

I'm Gonna Be President

My Phone Call

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I just got a phone call from my good friend Vanilla Ice. He said that he got the offer to make a sequel to the movie "Cool As Ice" and hes calling it "Cool As Ice 2 - Legend In My Lunchbox". He hasn't finished the script yet but he called me to offer me a part in the movie. The funny thing is that even if I did, I don't think he could afford to pay me. I'll need to think about it I guess

The Half A Glass Of Nonsense Dept

Do you see the glass as half full or half empty. I just broke my glass. I can't work out if its half broken or half fixed!

The Passion For Your Name Dept

God has sent a challenge for His church to get passionate about their saviour so that revival can come!

What I'm about to say may change your life or your view about God all together... Please let this shine on your heart and hear the voice of God!

Please don't think I'm angry in this email if it comes across the wrong way I'm sorry .. I'm just passionate about my Saviour!

I love Jesus so much... I love serving God... when you get the relationship right with God by killing the flesh, you have God's attention coz he knows you really mean business and it symbolizes that you want the best from God... Thats what just occured to me. God is amazing!

We've forgotten to have fun serving God... God is so good he wants the best for His kids... but not many are out there that wanna give their best for Him after all He's done.. I really think the reason is because people have lost their first love and have let the cares of the world kill their passion for their saviour... The one who first loved them with everything. God wants His church to be passionate about who he is.. Thats the message that I want to preach... I don't care how long it takes or where I go to preach it..

Why do people think that TV is more important.. why do people think that families, jobs, and new cars are more important than falling face down before their saviour? Am I missing something or am I crazy? I just have a passionate love for my saviour. The church needs a revelation of who God is. You don't get revelation by sitting down doing nothing with what you already have. You got to exercise the "Secrets of God" that you already have and once you've done all you can you fall face down in desperation to God asking Him to reveal and manifest Himself to you. This is how revival starts.. It stops because people just get bored with God and the cares of the world comes and takes away whats planted. They lose the jealousy that God has to spend time with Him. My God is jealous for my time, talents, everything...

I'm not going to sit back while my first love is calling to come away coz he has so much that he wants to show me and I want all that God has for me and you!

I love it when people comment on my passion from God. They can see I'm in love with God. You don't get that in the car park when you're about to enter the church building 2 minutes before church. Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone in the passion department. I want to see the church more than a club. It was never supposed to be a 'bless me' club but a 'bless God' club! I don't understand why people aren't passionate. God responds to passionate people. If the church isn't going to get passionate, they'll lose out big time and people are going to hell. Thats the bottom line! Get passionate or be accountable to God for your lack of passion!

Passionate people know where God is going (Vision), and are excited about what's God plan is, coz they know the voice of their beloved. I love that verse "Draw near to God and he will draw near to me (James 4:8). We gotta do our part first. We gotta show God how desperate we are, and then God responds to that desperateness and hunger. Isn't that amazing.

As I said before, I don't care if it costs me my life, I don't care what it takes, I will preach passion to anything and anyone if it means that people will turn from God and their wicked ways and will fall inlove with their saviour instead of themselves. I hate being around boring people and people who have been complaining about the same stuff for the past 30 years. These pew sitters sit in the same seat, wear the same clothes, and complain about the same crap every week. No wonder God's patience is running out. He is coming soon for a pure spotless bride without blemish, So am I - LOL! In other words these are the ones who are set apart from the world and are ready or have counted the cost for Jesus name and isn't afraid to die for what they believe in.

I try to stay away from caffeine my friends think I'm hyper enough coz of my relationship with the creator... I'm sick of hearing revivals coming,..... well I got news for you: so is Christmas. This is the biggest lie that the devil is throwing out there at the moment! Isn't it funny we just sit back waiting for revival just the same as christmas or a holiday? Thats all I've heard for the past 27 years on earth... its coming, its coming.. but God is soooo ready to pour out His spirit.. He is search all the earth to find a people who really want it! God wants to know how much you really want revival. People say they want it but their actions speak louder than words. They say we don't want revival when they can't be stuffed turning up the the prayer meeting. They have just proved to God with their hearts that they don't really want it. REVIVAL COSTS SOMETHING!! 3 ingredients for Revival are: Prayer, Repentance, and Passion!

Repentance is needed when people have sinned. Unrepentant sin gives birth to death. Repentance give birth to life because then people are free. Thats how God intended the church to be from day 1: Repentance comes when we get a revelation on how God sees our sin.. Aborhant and disgusting... God hates all sins big and small. Sin seperates us from God, Repentance returns us to God like the Prodgical Son. And God throws those sins away and never remembers them again. Thats right not only am I passionate about God, but he is passionate about me and you!

So there we go, this is what my life is about... One guy who is passionate about his saviour. So passionate that He wants to see revival come to His city and nation and see millions of souls won for the Kingdom - and to give the devil a taste of his own medicine.

Heres my challenge to you:Fall face down before the one who loves you more than you will ever know. He's the same one that is desperate to show you His unfailing love, compassion, and mercy.

Thanks for getting to the bottom of my blog entry and staying with me this whole time. I know its a lot to take in but I know it is worth it.

The Kiss Your Free Speach Goodbye Dept

Here is an article dated 24th June 2005. In the Herald Sun, Victoria Australia

PREMIER Steve Bracks promised four years ago to give us "racial and religious tolerance" if we gave up our free speech.What fools people were to believe him.

You could see the "tolerance" his vilification laws gave us this week when two pastors became the first to be punished, after criticising the Koran.

Police were posted outside the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to watch Christians and Muslims bicker, and the pastors – Daniel Scot and Danny Nalliah – were escorted by security guards.

Protesters waved placards, and in a radio interview a heated Nalliah was told by a hostile ABC presenter to "mind your p's and q's" and had his reply censored.

All this before he and Scot were even jailed – as they likely will be – for refusing to accept the unfair punishment ordered by Justice Michael Higgins.

Gee, that worked well, Premier. Much more of your tolerance and we might actually get ourselves a war.

Oh, the promises that were made when this shiny-eyed government introduced its vilification laws.

They would "prohibit only the most noxious forms of conduct", Bracks claimed.
Yet we've since had complaints by a transgender witch against a Christian councillor who warned against covens; by a One Nation candidate cross that I'm too nice to Jews and Chinese; and by a pedophile witch upset that the Salvation Army uses an anti-witch King James version of the Bible in prison classes.

Every case, each more trivial than the last, involves worry and legal costs. Each one makes yet more people too scared to talk freely.

Then there was that other promise – that the laws would "promote . . . tolerance". Instead, they've set us at each other's throat.

Take this case against Nalliah and Scott, pastors with the Catch the Fires pentecostal church.
Without Bracks' laws, these men would have quietly given their church seminar on jihad three years ago to 250 fellow worshippers and none of us would have even known. But the laws changed everything.

They inspired the Equal Opportunity Commission to urge Muslims to complain, and one EOC employee, May Helou, even asked three converts from the Islamic Council of Victoria -- of which she was an official -- to drop in on the pastors' seminar.
So began a three-year prosecution against the pastors that has cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Last December, Judge Higgins finally ruled that Scot in particular had offended by quoting the Koran in a way that got "a response from the audience at various times in the form of laughter". Is laughter now a crime?

Stranger still, he gave 13 examples of how Scot had "made fun of Muslim beliefs and conduct", at least eight of which involved him quoting the Koran, and, I believe, accurately. Yes, the Koran indeed authorises men to beat their wives. Yes, it indeed calls for thieving hands to be chopped off.

What did Scot say that was false? The judge listed just two trivial examples, but also said Scot hadn't made clear enough he was giving a literalist reading of the Koran that wasn't mainstream.
Did he? Isn't it? On such points, so deserving of debate, Scot was convicted of stating the wrong opinion.

But if the judgment was strange, so was the penalty.
Scot and Nalliah must now run four big advertisements, costing $70,000, in the Herald Sun and The Age, declaring they've been found guilty of bad-mouthing Muslims.

Oddly, these apologies must reach not just the 250 people who were at their seminar, but 2.5 million newspaper readers who weren't. Odder still, the judge ordered the pastors to never even imply what they'd said about the Koran. They are banned from speaking their mind not only in Victoria, but anywhere in Australia, where others are still free to say what they may not.

Not surprisingly, the pastors say they'd rather go to jail than comply. Let's see if Bracks dares let this happen.

He should note, though, that other Labor leaders have seen this disaster of his and promised never to make such a mistake themselves.

NSW Premier Bob Carr announced on Tuesday he'd fight plans by an independent MP to introduce such laws, warning: "The Victorian experience spells out how anti-religious vilification can be misused." Likewise, South Australia's Attorney General, Michael Atkinson, dropped a similar proposal, agreeing "they are liable to misuse".
As we've seen.
Enough. These laws shame us by curbing our right to freely debate what free people deserve to debate. And they harm us by creating the strife they promised to end.

Ask yourself: Before this week, did you ever see on TV Christians and Muslims quarrelling on our streets? Scrap these sorry laws now.

Million Robot March

I was in the U.S today and I saw a robot march. They were planning to go on strike if they weren't paid more. I don't see what the problem is. Robots serve us. I guess in the future we will be doing all the crappy jobs that robots do.

My Folks

Here is some photos of my folks:

This is My Dad

This is my mum

The Fake Mike Dept

Ok, I decided to see what would happen and how far I could go living a lie (in a good way). I have started a fake weblog @ . Its completely fake. But THIS blog is real.


Dinner with the President

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Last night I had dinner with the president of the USA. He is the coolest guy around. He showed me around the white house. The meal was amazing and I felt really blessed that I was treated like royalty.

I gave president a copy of my latest book "Get smart, stupid". And he gave me a reference for a job I was applying for. It even had his signature. I figured that I could sell it on E-bay for a bucket load of money because it had the official presidential letter head.

After dinner, we sat around watching some of his old home movies.

Because George Bush found out that his son was Steve Urkel (Check out the the truth here on this link), Steve I was staying in Urkel's room in bunks. We decided to make a midnight snack of Cheese Whiz and coke. We stayed up till 4am talking about fungus.

That was my day!

The Cluelessness Dept.

The "I'm Gonna Do What?" Dept

Well I've been thinking about it for a long time so I decided that its time to actually do something about it. Next year I'm gonna go back and study to become a qualifed youth worker. It should be a blast. Yep, theres a lot of hurting kids out there! I think approx 70% of the worlds population is under 18. Thats scary. Kids need a future and a hope. They need someone that will listen to them for 5 minutes and not judge them. Thats it! Maybe if people could speak life instead of death into the life of kids then they wouldn't be shooting up or killing themselves.

Australia has the highest suicide rate in the world. Me being Aussie born and bred you can't help but think what the heck is going on in our country and why there isn't enough being done. And something will be done.

Well thats what I think.

The Lowndsey Rocks The V8's In Queensland Dept.

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Team Betta Electrical's Craig Lowndes has scored his second win of the 2005 V8 Supercar Championship Series and Ford's fifth consecutive win at the Queensland 300 at Willowbank outside Ipswich. Lowndes led home a Ford 1-2 ahead of two-time V8 Supercar champion Marcos Ambrose (Pirtek Racing). Ambrose has extended his championship lead.

Ford finished with six cars in the top-10, with Russell Ingall (Caltex Racing) in fourth, Steven Ellery (Team Betta Electrical) in seventh, Jason Bright (CAT Ford Performance Racing) in ninth and Steven Johnson (Westpoint Racing) in 10th.

Lowndes slotted into second place to Ambrose after the start. However, he was able to pass Ambrose in the pitlane after he chose to take two tyres, while Ambrose took four during a safety car period on lap #13.

Upon the re-start Lowndes was able to control the race, as both he Ambrose drove through the field. The Team Betta Electrical Falcon was superior over the 77-lap run to the flag."We're delighted with the result, clearly a great effort from the team and again Ford has shown its strength in Queensland," said Lowndes.

"We came into this weekend very confident of being on the pace. We tested last week and we had a great package from the outset. The competition was tough – no doubt about it. Beating not just Marcos, but Ingall and the like is never easy."The car was very consistent throughout the whole race. When we made the tyre stop the track changed. It got quite slippery, but the car was terrific.

For Ambrose second place was a strong result after a tough run in recent races. His result has extended his championship lead over Steven Richards to…."Great day for Ford as the Falcon again showed that it's a weapon at Queensland Raceway," said Ambrose.

"Craig's car was terrific, especially after we changed tyres. The track really did change and we didn't quite have the right set-up for that."The decision to go for four tyres was a championship team decision. It was still a long way to go in the race and having four fresh tyres was the best option. I don't think it would have mattered if we got out in front of Craig, he simply had the better car at the end of the day.

"The result really is a great launching pad for the second of the season. There's some very important races coming up, including Bathurst. We feel that despite not winning today we've got things back on track for that race and the championship chase.

"You can't win them all. Sometimes a strong result like what we had today is just as good. Right now I know that we've done our title chases no harm with this result."The single 280 kilometre race format had a number of dramatic moments. None more than a barrel rolling accident for Jason Richards. Richards was sent flying through the air after a clash with Paul Morris. Richards walked away from the accident, but his car was destroyed. For his part Morris received a 60-second time penalty in pitlane.

The V8 Supercar Championship Series heads down the east coast to Sydney's Oran Park for round eight on August 12-14. That will be a twin 140-kilometre race format. This will be the last event before the two driver endurance races at Sandown and Bathurst.

Queensland – Overall Results
1. Craig Lowndes – Team Betta Electrical – Ford Falcon BA
2. Marcos Ambrose – Pirtek Racing – Ford Falcon BA
3. Garth Tander – HSV Dealer Team – Holden Commodore
4. Russell Ingall – Caltex Racing – Ford Falcon BA
5. Steven Richards – Castrol Perkins Motorsport – Holden Commodore
6. Todd Kelly – Holden Racing Team – Holden Commodore
7. Steven Ellery – Team Betta Electrical – Ford Falcon BA
8. Greg Murphy – Super Cheap Auto Racing – Holden Commodore
9. Jason Bright – CAT Ford Performance Racing – Ford Falcon BA
10. Steven Johnson – Westpoint Racing – Ford Falcon BA

Championship Standings after 6 of 13 rounds
1. Marcos Ambrose – Pirtek Racing – Ford Falcon BA 1166pts
2. Steven Richards – Castrol Perkins Motorsport – Holden Commodore –105pts
3. Russell Ingall – Caltex Racing – Ford Falcon BA –115pts
4. Todd Kelly – Holden Racing Team – Holden Commodore –134pts
5. Mark Skaife – Holden Racing Team – Holden Commodore –212pts
6. Craig Lowndes – Team Betta Electrical – Ford Falcon BA –256pts
7. Garth Tander – HSV Dealer Team – Holden Commodore -307
8. Steven Johnson – Westpoint Racing – Ford Falcon BA –323pts
9. Greg Murphy – Super Cheap Auto Racing – Holden Commodore -338pts
10. Glenn Seton – Westpoint Racing – Ford Falcon BA – 381pts

Live 9 - The Sound Of Music

Heres another Spoof Article. I'm not going to say what its about you have to find out
Click Here To Enter

Mullets For Peace

Ok I wrote another article on The Spoof News about mullets. Its had 164 hits in 2 days which is pretty amazing!

Click here for it

Doc I've Got A Strawberry Up My Nose

Ok heres a cartoon I drew. Its pretty lame but funny at the same time. This is the worlds best strawberry and cream joke that I made up.

It Says:
"Doc I got a strawberry up my nose"
"I got some cream for that"

Did I do that?

Ok, I'm in a thing called the battle of the blog. I'm not using this to suck up and get browny points. Infact I'm just saying that I think its cool. Sort of reminds me a bit of arm wrestling.

Ok, I found a site called
The Spoof and you can write fake newspaper articles about anything. Heres one that I have put on there

Shocked, outstanded, and amazed are only a few words to describe how George Bush felt today when he found out that he has a long lost son - none other than TV's Urkel, that cute kid from the hit series Family Matters. The tests results were leaked onto the internet and the spoof managed to get their hands on the results

DNA has worked and it has gone through vast advancements. President Bush has passed laws toward this endevor and in doing so with 99.9 accuracy Steve Urkel is found to be Bush's son. Bush was shy at first in finding this out and has taken great strides in this advancement. Mrs. Bush is shocked and will have to break the news to Chelsey. There is a great possibilty that Steve Urkel may move into the White House. Although the media may have a field day with this news. Steve said he will not move into the White House without his long time love Laura.Winslow. Steve has also mentioned having his extensive fugus collection put into Chelsey's room while she is away at Stanford. The President's body guards will have to work overtime especially if Steve moves in. Steve suggests paying the body guards with cheese.

In order for Steve to feel right at home President Bush is planning on buying a pocket protector, thick huge glasses, suspenders, and buying the popular best seller Fugus for Dummies.

George Bush is allowing Steve to put forward one special day a year. Steve has chosen July 4 which will now be Fungas Day. Independence Day will now be Labor Day, Labor day will now be Columbus Day, Columbus Day will now be the same day as Thanksgiving day.

On fungas day, there will be a celebration of fungus with BBQ's, rides, and a Fugas Day Parade with the worlds biggest fungus balloon. The mascot "Fred the flatuent fugus" will be around on the day to entertain the kids and families. To raise money for research into fungus, the Fungus Awareness Society is selling T-shirts with the wording "Fungus is Friend!".

Steve is pleased to be re-united with his dad and is taking a 2 week vacation to Wally World to celebrate the occasion.

There is more to come soon... check the rest out, theres a link on the left to it!

The Motivation Poster That You Want

Long Live The Bogan

Save the Bogan (Maximums tightblackjeanus withmulletus)

First identified as a sub-species during the mid-70s, the Bogan is
thought to be a close relation of the Booner (found in Canberra's
eastern suburbs) and the Westie (spread throughout Western Sydney). It
is believed the initial Brisbane population was introduced to purpose-
built habitats such as Ipswich, Inala and Woodridge.

However by the mid80s, the species had multiplied to plague proportions,
spreading though much of Redbank and Goodna. While authorities considered
a culling program, they need not have bothered, as the regional population
a rapid decline from the early 90s onwards.

The situation has now reached a critical point, with Bogans rarely
sighted in the inner Brisbane suburbs, and those remaining cling to the
region's outskirts. In the year 2001, the species is now officially

Identifying a Bogan is genetic, while others argue it is a product of
nurture, as even extremely young males seem coerced by parents to
adopt the growth. Other distinguishing male characteristics include
tight black denim covering on the hind limbs and bright flannelette
markings on the forepaws and belly. Males adopt a dominant status
within the community, with a vague sense of rank defined by the
ownership of aging Ford and Holden motor vehicles.

Female Bogans are entrusted with the raising of multiple offspring, a
role they perform from a young age and often without the presence of
the male. They may be similarly identified though distinctive denim
markings, though the colour is usually "stonewash". In warmer weather,
females have been known to shed the lower layer of denim to just below
the genital area, resulting in a "cut-off" effect. Both males and
females have been known to cover their lower hind limbs with furry
pouches called "ugg-boots".

While the wild population of Bogans is dwindling, it is still possible
to view them in their natural environment. The species have been known
to congregate around regional "shopping malls", where family units
often come to settle domestic issues using high-pitched wailing sounds.

After sunset, younger males and females meet in small dark enclaves
known as "Taverns", where they consume large amounts of liquid
called "Bourbon".

There are numerous factors attributed to the decline of the local Bogan
population. Scientists have identified the unpopularity of 'The
Village' as a contributing cause, while the development of adequate
social infrastructure (i.e. schools, medium density housing) may have
fragmented the species. More controversial theories suggest many Bogans
may have removed their mullets, purchased "cargo pants" and attempted
to integrate themselves in Brisbane's mainstream population, but these
claims are yet to be substantiated.

At present there seems little hope of restoring the Bogan population to
its previous levels. Recent attempts included the development of a new
artificial habitat named "Forest Lake", but it seems this area may be
too far from Ipswich to attract large numbers of the species. More
successful is an enclosed breeding program called "Archerfield
Raceway". The program has proven highly effective, combining aggressive
behaviour, beer and occasional displays of female sexuality. Authorities
recently have attracted Bogan elders AC/DC for a brief visit.

Bogan (pronounced BOE-gun) is a derogatory Australian slang term for somebody who is perceived as being an unfashionable "lower-class" person, typically of British Isles ancestry and living in deprived urban areas. Equivalent terms are:
Bevan in Brisbane.
Chigger in Hobart.
(sometimes interchangeable with) Booner in Canberra.
Westy in Sydney, Australia and Waitakere (Auckland), New Zealand referring to Western Suburbs.

The word "bogan" first originated in Melbourne, to describe people of working class. Then the character Kylie Mole on famed Australian television program The Comedy Company popularised the term as an insult for any friend she didn't like, and by 1991, the word was in the national dictionary project.
The term itself has evolved further and no longer necessarily derogatory, and is considered a valid sub-culture of Australian lifestyle.

Bogans are stereotypically considered to be young adults. (from approximately 15 to 30 years of age) Older males who would otherwise be described as being "bogans" are sometimes known as yobbos. Employment occurs primarily in the building or agricultural industries, with the main consideration being a requirement for unskilled labour. Low to midrange literacy and intelligence, (80-100 IQ) and above average physical strength are also prominent elements. They can primarily be observed in suburbs along Melbourne's northwestern corridor, (although related variants from other states exist) with greater numbers tending to the outlying/semi-rural areas due to increased opportunities for unskilled employment. They also have a tendency to be xenophobic and highly nationalistic, and so are therefore likely to avoid areas of large multicultural concentration.
With the steady decline in popularity of formalised religion in recent years, bogans also customarily use football as a de facto substitute for such.
Stereotypical clothing includes Moccasin-style slippers and ugg boots (especially outdoors) and flannelette shirts (or black jerseys and jeans in Waitakere) and prominent tattoos. Tracksuits (somewhat anachronistic in the early 21st century) are also occasionally worn by younger bogans, generally due to their low cost. The typical bogan hairstyle is the mullet, but shaved heads also occur.
Bogans are often stereotyped as driving loud, obnoxious cars of American or Australian manufacture such as older model modified Holden Commodores or Ford Falcons. The VK Commodore is a particularly highly prized vehicle. Australians, when describing people who are associated with bad or fast driving cam be labeled "hoon", a variation of the Bogan. In fact, the term is so wide spread that the Western Australia state government has brought in what are known as 'Anti-Hoon' laws to cut down on young males causing auto accidents by excessive speed and street racing.
The consumption of potent forms of alcohol features prominently in the bogan lifestyle. Among Melbourne specimens, Victoria Bitter beer would undoubtedly be the most sought after type, (due to a combination of both price and nationalistic associations) but several spirits including rum, bourbon, or Scotch whisky are also favoured, the primary consideration being an acceptable expense/potency ratio. Although cheap varieties of vodka also exist, it is seen as a female's drink and is therefore usually avoided by males. Bourbon and coke also commands a noteworthy position in the bogan's life. It is most commonly of the premixed variety, in half-litre cans, and serves as lubricant for all of the bogan's social interactions. As with some other groups, pubs are often seen as the bogan social centre, and tend to be considered almost holy places.
Besides alcohol and tobacco, bogan culture is not associated with any particular drug, although marijuana use is highly popular (Sunbury, a minor bogan heartland in Victoria, was the scene of a number of marijuana-related police raids during 2002-2003, before which the sale of the drug in the suburb was semi-public and bordered on plague proportions) and occasionally features in bogan popular culture such as the film Mallboy.

"Bogan rock" is an umbrella term for several artists and genres that commonly includes some elements of psychedelia, heavy metal, Big-Hair Rock, or nearly any Australian rock band from the 1970s and 1980s. In 2000 a Bogan Rock Festival was held in rural Victoria to some critical and financial success, suggesting that the term's derogatory power is becoming eroded.

Look Ma, I got snowed in

Easter is Cancelled

Sorry Kids

The definition of Pain

What a load of bull

Game Over, Tigers Thrash the Bombers

Alrighty I'm back from the footy. It was an awesome day. Richmond won! 92 to 66. How cool is that? Loved the game and it was one of the best I had seen and I'm not saying that just because I was there - well maybe I am. It was raining the whole time but it was worth it to see the Tigers Win.

Third Day pic of the moment

This is one of my favourite photos I took of Third Day in New Zealand

Going to the Footy

Alrighty, what started out last year as a good idea now looks like being a tradition. We're going to the Richmond V Essendon game at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). Ok we went last year to the same game and I want to forget the pathetic effort on the Tigers part last year... what was the score? Who cares. All I care is that this year we are going to win this match. It should be fun. I love paying $3.50 for Coke and $4 for a pie. I really think that you haven't lived unless you've brought a pie and coke from the footy.

So who do I thinks gonna win?
Ok I have no idea. Nathan Brown for the Tigers is out with a broken leg. Just when I was about to change teams, Richmond win by 1 point yesterday and putting my hope that Richmond is going to stay in the top 8 for the finals. On the other end, Essendon are doing alright. But I won't be counting Richmond out yet! So who knows whos gonna win!


Tigers back...just!

Richmond has revived its faltering AFL season but only after
withstanding a thrilling final quarter fightback to beat Sydney by one point at
the MCG on Saturday.

With their place in the top eight at stake after four successive
losses, the Tigers looked home when they led by 45 points after Rory Hilton
goaled at the 21 minute mark of the third term but incredibly that would
be the Tigers' last goal of the game.

Despite having enjoyed two weeks off leading into the game following
last week's mid-season break, the Tigers stopped to a walk in the final
term against a Sydney side that played in the second half of last week's
split round when it beat Collingwood by a point at Telstra Stadium.

But this time the Swans were on the wrong end of a one-point game as
Richmond hung on to win 12.13 (85) to 12.12 (84) after clearly being the
better side for the first three quarters.

Richmond coach Terry Wallace will be furious with his team's dreadful
last quarter fade-out as Sydney finally started playing direct dividends
after again just being far too indirect and negative in their play for
the first three quarters.

The Swans managed just seven goals to three quarter time as Barry Hall
- who was kept goalless in a superb display from Tiger full-back Darren
Gaspar - and Michael O-Loughlin were starved of opportunities by the
Swans' slow movement of the ball.

But in the final term with Jared Crouch inspirational in midfield and
Nic Fosdike superb in his first game of an injury-marred season, the
Swans suddenly went long and direct and reaped the benefits.

A mark and goal to Nick Davis in the first minute of the final term
sparked the comeback and then Crouch kicked a great goal on the run to cut
the margin to 21 points.

Fosdike then kicked his third goal of the game in what was a remarkable
personal comeback and the Tigers - without a win since round nine -
began to panic as their tackling and pressure - which for three quarters
had served them so well - suddenly disappeared from their game.

And when Amon Buchanan snapped a great goal at the 17 minute mark, the
margin was only nine points with more than seven minutes to play.

But the Swans then cost themselves any chance of victory by not making
the most of two golden opportunities to put even more pressure on the
Tigers when Adam Goodes hit the post from a set shot from 35 metres
while Crouch then kicked on the full from 40 metres.

But the Swans still got to within a point with five minutes to go when
O'Loughlin kicked his third goal of the second half as his young
opponent in Richmond first gamer Will Thursfield notably tired after a great
first half.

Somehow, the Tigers hung on despite looking a beaten side after Rory
Hilton missed the chance to put the game beyond doubt with a set shot
miss from 45 metres directly in front with just under two minutes

Despite the last quarter fade-out, the Tigers deserved their win after
totally dominating the second and third quarters after the first
quarter had more resembled rugby as both teams flooded the opposition's
forward line at every opportunity.

The Tigers slammed on a match-winning six goals to one in the second
term with Matthew Richardson - who looked refreshed following the
mid-season break after battling knee problems in recent weeks - booting three
goals for the term including one gem of a goal from 55 metres on the
boundary line.

Richardson received plenty of assistance from hard-working goalsneak
Andrew Krakouer, who not only kicked three goals but constantly pressured
the Sydney defenders with his fine tackling as he helped to keep the
ball locked inside Richmond's 50 on numerous occasions.

The Tigers' defence was also unbeatable for three quarters with Gaspar
dominant on Hall while Chris Newman - who took a critical match-saving
mark in the final minute - and Andrew Kellaway repelling many attacks
although Kellaway's direct opponent in Ryan O'Keefe was also a constant

The midfield battles were even with Mark Coughlan and Jude Bolton
negating each other as did Shane Tuck and Brett Kirk but Mark Chaffey in his
best game of the season did a fine job negating Paul Williams and won
plenty of the ball himself.

But the Tigers' midfield simply stopped running and working hard in the
final term as the team appeared defensive but they were just able to
hang on for their eighth win from 14 games to keep their finals hopes
well and truly alive.

Tiger coach Terry Wallace was relieved to escape with the win and
admitted his side may have become a bit too negative in the final quarter.
"We were trying to save the game thinking we had done enough and a lot
of the young guys need to learn from that," he said.

"We had two or three numbers behind the ball and there is nothing wrong
with that but we weren't prepared to run the ball (out of defence) so
that gave them the momentum."

Sydney coach Paul Roos wasn't taking anything away from Richmond, but
said the second-half fight back by the Swans was something to be

"In the first half, they were just a lot better than us. The second
half we squared things away, and obviously late in the game, I thought our
last quarter was terrific," Roos said after the match.

"But, it's the half-empty, half-full sort of thing. We win by a point
last week and lose by a point this week. So I thought it was really
important for the guys in the last quarter to fight back.

"I think the third quarter was good and the last quarter was
exceptional, so I think it was really important for us to do that, and
unfortunately, one point last week, one point down this week, so you can't
complain too much."

<b>RICHMOND:</b> 2.4, 8.8, 12.12, 12.13 (85)
<b>SYDNEY: </b> 2.3, 3.6, 7.9, 12.12 (84)
<b>GOALS - Richmond:</b> Richardson 4, Krakouer 3, Pettifer, Tambling,
Chaffey, Bowden, Hilton
<b>Sydney:</b> Fosdike 3, O'Loughlin 3, McVeigh, Goodes, Williams,
Davis, Crouch, Buchanan
<b>BEST - Richmond:</b> Krakouer, Newman, Richardson, Campbell, Gaspar
<b> Sydney:</b> Fosdike, Crouch, O'Keefe, Buchanan, C. Bolton
<b>INJURIES - Richmond:</b> Johnson (knee)
<b> Sydney:</b> Barry (finger)
<b>CHANGES - Richmond:</b> Knobel (flu), Raines, Hyde out, replaced in
selected side by Stafford, Tambling, Hilton
<b>Sydney:</b> as selected
<b>REPORTS - </b> nil
<b>UMPIRES - </b> Schmitt, Kamolins, Avon
<b>CROWD - </b> 34,572 at the MCG

Never mind the fadeout, Wallace delighted

Richmond coach Terry Wallace admitted his club would have been "devastated" if it had failed to beat Sydney on Saturday at the MCG after almost throwing away a 45 point lead in what was a season-defining game for the Tigers.
But despite not kicking a goal after the 21 minute mark of the third term and conceding the last seven goals of the game, the Tigers hung on to win by a point 12.13 (85) to 12.12 (84) to register their first win since round nine following four straight losses.

And suddenly last year's wooden-spooners again find themselves a game clear inside the top eight - with just eight rounds remaining - despite their final quarter fade-out on Saturday.Now Wallace is hoping to use the Sydney win as the foundation to build the rest of the season on, while admitting he was concerned with the last quarter fade-out in which he believed his players tried to save the game rather than win it.

"I agree a loss in that game and the manner it was played would have been devastating but we won it," a relieved Wallace said after the game.

"Now we have got to use that and use it the right way and not just say the pressure is off us because we have won a game (to end the club's losing streak)."And Wallace said the Tigers had plenty to play for in coming weeks, in stark contrast to recent seasons when the club had begun to fade from finals contention at this time of year after promising starts to the year.

"The competition is so even and this win puts perspective on our season," he said."Everyone said we were gone and the season was done and dusted for us but now we are back in the hunt again."

"And it is exciting and enjoyable to be in the hunt at this time of year rather than fading away and that's something our supporters will look forward to in the next few weeks."Wallace was delighted with his side's pressure and tackling in the first three quarters saying that is what ultimately secured the victory but believes his team went too negative in the final quarter."We were trying to save the game thinking we had done enough and a lot of the young guys need to learn from that," he said.

"We had two or three numbers behind the ball and there is nothing wrong with that but we weren't prepared to run the ball (out of defence) so that gave them the momentum.

"Wallace said evidence of this was the fact the Tigers had averaged 15 inside 50s in the first three quarters but had enjoyed only two in the final term with five minutes to play.But despite the last quarter fade-out, he was pleased with his team's effort overall particularly in bouncing back from their worst loss of the season - a 70-point hiding against Adelaide in their last match a fortnight ago.

"You could come in here and be hostile about the last half an hour but we got the result we wanted," he said.

"Our last game was our worst game of the season and we came here to win a game of footy and we won it."

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