Dinner with the President


Last night I had dinner with the president of the USA. He is the coolest guy around. He showed me around the white house. The meal was amazing and I felt really blessed that I was treated like royalty.

I gave president a copy of my latest book "Get smart, stupid". And he gave me a reference for a job I was applying for. It even had his signature. I figured that I could sell it on E-bay for a bucket load of money because it had the official presidential letter head.

After dinner, we sat around watching some of his old home movies.

Because George Bush found out that his son was Steve Urkel (Check out the the truth here on this link), Steve I was staying in Urkel's room in bunks. We decided to make a midnight snack of Cheese Whiz and coke. We stayed up till 4am talking about fungus.

That was my day!

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George Bush said...


I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in the white house. You are great, I will keep your application for the FBI in high regard. It was an honor meeting you.

Good luck with the future.

George W. Bush
President of the USA