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God has sent a challenge for His church to get passionate about their saviour so that revival can come!

What I'm about to say may change your life or your view about God all together... Please let this shine on your heart and hear the voice of God!

Please don't think I'm angry in this email if it comes across the wrong way I'm sorry .. I'm just passionate about my Saviour!

I love Jesus so much... I love serving God... when you get the relationship right with God by killing the flesh, you have God's attention coz he knows you really mean business and it symbolizes that you want the best from God... Thats what just occured to me. God is amazing!

We've forgotten to have fun serving God... God is so good he wants the best for His kids... but not many are out there that wanna give their best for Him after all He's done.. I really think the reason is because people have lost their first love and have let the cares of the world kill their passion for their saviour... The one who first loved them with everything. God wants His church to be passionate about who he is.. Thats the message that I want to preach... I don't care how long it takes or where I go to preach it..

Why do people think that TV is more important.. why do people think that families, jobs, and new cars are more important than falling face down before their saviour? Am I missing something or am I crazy? I just have a passionate love for my saviour. The church needs a revelation of who God is. You don't get revelation by sitting down doing nothing with what you already have. You got to exercise the "Secrets of God" that you already have and once you've done all you can you fall face down in desperation to God asking Him to reveal and manifest Himself to you. This is how revival starts.. It stops because people just get bored with God and the cares of the world comes and takes away whats planted. They lose the jealousy that God has to spend time with Him. My God is jealous for my time, talents, everything...

I'm not going to sit back while my first love is calling to come away coz he has so much that he wants to show me and I want all that God has for me and you!

I love it when people comment on my passion from God. They can see I'm in love with God. You don't get that in the car park when you're about to enter the church building 2 minutes before church. Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone in the passion department. I want to see the church more than a club. It was never supposed to be a 'bless me' club but a 'bless God' club! I don't understand why people aren't passionate. God responds to passionate people. If the church isn't going to get passionate, they'll lose out big time and people are going to hell. Thats the bottom line! Get passionate or be accountable to God for your lack of passion!

Passionate people know where God is going (Vision), and are excited about what's God plan is, coz they know the voice of their beloved. I love that verse "Draw near to God and he will draw near to me (James 4:8). We gotta do our part first. We gotta show God how desperate we are, and then God responds to that desperateness and hunger. Isn't that amazing.

As I said before, I don't care if it costs me my life, I don't care what it takes, I will preach passion to anything and anyone if it means that people will turn from God and their wicked ways and will fall inlove with their saviour instead of themselves. I hate being around boring people and people who have been complaining about the same stuff for the past 30 years. These pew sitters sit in the same seat, wear the same clothes, and complain about the same crap every week. No wonder God's patience is running out. He is coming soon for a pure spotless bride without blemish, So am I - LOL! In other words these are the ones who are set apart from the world and are ready or have counted the cost for Jesus name and isn't afraid to die for what they believe in.

I try to stay away from caffeine my friends think I'm hyper enough coz of my relationship with the creator... I'm sick of hearing revivals coming,..... well I got news for you: so is Christmas. This is the biggest lie that the devil is throwing out there at the moment! Isn't it funny we just sit back waiting for revival just the same as christmas or a holiday? Thats all I've heard for the past 27 years on earth... its coming, its coming.. but God is soooo ready to pour out His spirit.. He is search all the earth to find a people who really want it! God wants to know how much you really want revival. People say they want it but their actions speak louder than words. They say we don't want revival when they can't be stuffed turning up the the prayer meeting. They have just proved to God with their hearts that they don't really want it. REVIVAL COSTS SOMETHING!! 3 ingredients for Revival are: Prayer, Repentance, and Passion!

Repentance is needed when people have sinned. Unrepentant sin gives birth to death. Repentance give birth to life because then people are free. Thats how God intended the church to be from day 1: Repentance comes when we get a revelation on how God sees our sin.. Aborhant and disgusting... God hates all sins big and small. Sin seperates us from God, Repentance returns us to God like the Prodgical Son. And God throws those sins away and never remembers them again. Thats right not only am I passionate about God, but he is passionate about me and you!

So there we go, this is what my life is about... One guy who is passionate about his saviour. So passionate that He wants to see revival come to His city and nation and see millions of souls won for the Kingdom - and to give the devil a taste of his own medicine.

Heres my challenge to you:Fall face down before the one who loves you more than you will ever know. He's the same one that is desperate to show you His unfailing love, compassion, and mercy.

Thanks for getting to the bottom of my blog entry and staying with me this whole time. I know its a lot to take in but I know it is worth it.

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