Crap Video


Theres nothing worse than a crap video. I mean you have to sit 3/4 of the way through it before it dawns on you that its crap and you start to fill uncomfortable and you have to make the tea - thats how you know its crap. You sit there and you go "Does anyone want a cup of tea?" And you go and make the tea - thats your first indication that its a shocker.
Then it will creep on you and then there will be the one scene thats just ridiculous and everyone goes "Who the hell got this one out?" And slowly but surely everyone looks around at the person who got the video out and he's just sitting there going "oooh I didn't know, how was I to know? It said recommended viewing on the cover". Of course its going to say Recommended viewing. Its not going to have a big sticker saying 'This is a crap video'.
Review on the back: I wanted to make a cup of tea

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Elena said...

In video stores there should be a section labeled "Crap"...tbat way we know to stay clear of those movies.