Halo Makes It To The Big Screen

After months of speculation, Microsoft has inked a deal with Hollywood to make a movie based on its popular science-fiction video game series "Halo." If the making of the movie follows the form of other Microsoft products …

  1. “Halo” will be given a codename like “Longhorn” and be released two years later than expected.
  2. A security flaw inherent in its design will cause all moviegoers to leave the theatre with “worms.”
  3. “Halo” will be the only movie showing on its opening weekend because Microsoft will have obtained a monopoly on all movie theaters by then.
  4. It would probably be better to wait until the release of “Halo XP” before you take the plunge.
  5. Sometime during the showing, you’re going to get that annoying blue screen.

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