The I Gotta Check Myself Dept.


I picked my brother up from work tonight. I think he's got a tradition happening. Every night I'm sitting in my car waiting for him to come out and tonight I was ready for it. He was going to sneak up to my car window and scare the crap out of me. He came and I saw him and I was ready for it.. and without realising it he went to the drivers side window this time. You may think "Well Mike, you're a woose, I'd never get scared". Well add that scenario with the cold, fog, darkness and a bit of rain and you're sitting in a Steven King reality TV series and you're the star.

Can't wait to see what he does next... If he thinks its so funny, lets see how funny it is when I drive off and leave him to walk.

To get him back I'm going to tell the whole world that when my brother takes the bins out for the garbage man, he has to take the little old ladies bins too. He is scared to go there that last week he was in such a rush coz he was so scared that he got the wrong bin... He's scared of the little old lady nextdoor! ROFL! and to make a long story even longer, the old lady rang up and told us that he got the wrong bin coz he was in a rush because he was afraid the little old lady was going to eat him for dinner.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it Mark!

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