I saw Jesus on my pillowcase


Ok, now I'm disturbed...
Found this on E-Bay.

Image of Christ manifested on my sons tie-dyed pillow case he made at school.
Look at the detail, better than the Schroud of Turin. One of a kind. Look at the
crown and Pentagrams. Who else wears the crown? Please feel free to send
positive comments preferably not about my lack of suitable medication which is
always another topic for another day. I would be very interested in feedback and
interpretations. Save to your desk top and meditate on it and get back to me and
no I dont think its Santa it would be red wouldnt it. Has some one come for a

1 Million Smackaroonies! ($1m)
Click here if you don't believe me and find out for yourself!

3 Comment(s):

. said...

I think Goldenpalace.com would'nt even pay that much for that!

They'll reduce the price until some ejjit buys it.


ShellBug526 said...

Wow, I really need a gimmick!

Honeymist said...

Wow.. wonder how much it will go for in the end? Betcha it will be some ridiculous amount!!!