I'm feeling pretty lame today


I'm feeling kind of lame today. I don't feel like trying to be funny. I don't feel like trying to earn peoples friendship. Heck I don't feel like doing anything. I know it refers to a madman as the title but my creative flow has died.

This is my keyboard:

I got it for a bargain. No it wasn't second hand. No it wasn't 5 finger discount. It was on special in the music shop. I've had it for a couple of years. I thought that I'd put it on here for no particular reason. Its really cool. Its like a recording studio. Its got like 6 tracks you can play with. In other words you can record something and have a one man band jam session by yourself.
Thinking about it being on special, whats so special about a bargain? I guess its because it took you and I found it and it makes us feel special because we think that the sales assistant doesn't know about it.... heck some of the time thats true. The cool thing about a bargain is that we have to tell everyone about it "I got this shirt from Big W for $7.50, it was a BARGAIN!" The response would be "Woah Cool". Now imagine if we took the same scenario and it was a shirt and we paid $1000 for it. "I got this shirt from Big W for $1000!" The response would be "YOU MORON!"
Why am I saying this stuff? I don't know. I feel like I'm a fat guy stuck inside a skinny guys body. See this is my problem: I can eat and eat and eat like a horse and not put on any weight. I went to the gym to gain muscle... nope didn't work. NOTHING WORKS. Ok I can hear some people going "Thats just unfair!" You think so? I got picked on in high school because of my weight and it was 6 years of HELL. Now the tables have turned. I'm a skinny 27 year old. Now those big bullies are just plain BIG now. Oh yeah just for the record I'm 64kg's. The most I've weighed is 66kg's. I don't know how that happened.
Well thats all I got to say, I'm off to my real life.

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