It Snowed In Australia - We Never Get Snow!


PEOPLES, We got snow! We never get snow!

This is Australia for goodness sake!!!

VICTORIA was blanketed yesterday by the most widespread snow in decades as the state was gripped by an Antarctic snap. Surfers' paradises became winter wonderlands as snow fell along Victoria's coastline and beaches.
The extreme weather conditions also caused havoc on the road and forced schools to close.
Snowfalls were reported in the coastal towns of Inverloch, Apollo Bay, Geelong and Torquay, and across the Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island.
Ballarat, the Latrobe Valley, Colac, Korumburra and other Gippsland towns were also blanketed in white stuff, while the mercury hovered around a shivery 7C in Melbourne.
Weather bureau forecaster Claire Yeo said a fast-moving air stream from the Antarctic caused the freezing conditions.
She said it was the state's largest widespread snowfall for decades.
"What makes it such an unusual event is that we have had snow near sea level," she said.
"We have never had reports of it, ever."
Ms Yeo said it was amazing that snow was reported on Inverloch beach.
She said the temperature in Melbourne hovered around 7C and only reached a maximum of 10. But the CBD escaped the predicted snowfall.
Children across southern Victoria frolicked in the flakes as some schools were closed.
Students at Mirboo North primary school faced the prospect of being kept overnight.
Principal Alistair Hillis said students had to be collected by parents on foot after the roads became dangerously slippery. The school planned to keep students overnight if they couldn't get home but a break in the weather saved the day.
On the other side of the state, students at Lavers Hill P-12 College were forced to abandon their school bus when it became stuck in snow.
After trekking to school with the help of teachers also caught, students found their classes had been cancelled.
"It was great fun," principal Chris Hulonce said of the early morning adventure. "We all had snow fights along the way."
Korumburra resident Shayne Harland made the best of the conditions in south-east Gippsland, dressing up as Santa and bodyboarding down the town's main street.
"I haven't seen snow for a long time, and I saw the Santa suit in the cupboard and I thought 'why not?'," the 17-year-old said.
"We have never had a white Christmas."
Red Hill Central Store owner Timothy Desmond said he'd lived in the area more than 30 years and remembered it snowing only once, in the late 70s.
"It really looked lovely. It snowed for probably 15 or 20 minutes, then went away as quick as it came. It was raining quite heavily and the next second I said 'that doesn't look like rain, it looks like snow', and it was," he said. "There will be log fires aplenty."
Ballarat dance student Sarah Power and fellow students were ecstatic to see snow in the city.
"It doesn't snow very much here, so I've been told, and it was very pretty so we went outside and danced in the snow in our tap-shoes," she said.
South-east Gippsland mother Miranda Sharp found herself building a snowman with children Oscar, 7, and Gus, 6.
"It was really blizzardy, it was amazing," she said. "I couldn't believe it. I just dropped what I was doing, I couldn't concentrate at all, it was too exciting."
Two people were killed last night when their car ran off an icy road near Beechworth.
The weather bureau last night said the cold snap was expected to continue, with an expected top of 12C today.

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Cassiopeia said...

Oh how I would give anything for some snow right about now....

This heat wave is killing me!

Then again, in a few months when we are shoveling our driveways, I will long for hot summer days of 40C/104F weather...

(btw, I'm in Toronto Canada. Other hemispere :))