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I thought I would show my friends and family a bit of what I do and where I grew up as a kid so that they could understand my deeper side.

When I started my business this is a photo of my first office. I provide computer training, tech support, graphic design and other IT services

Here is our graphic design department


This is the house of Elliott when I was growing up.We lived on Durey Lane. Our house is a small one. It used to be my folks house, but I'm the only one living there now.

Every morning there would be a fight over who got the bathroom first.

I certainly do like my bubble baths!

This is my dad about 20 years ago


Isn't it a swell looking car? I know it needs a bit of work but nothing that a little spit shine can't fix. I can hardly wait to drive it.

Well thats my tour. Hope you enjoyed it!

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Elena said...

Great the photo tour.