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Ok peoples I have a challenge for you, especially any Aussies reading this. As some of you probably know we have Aussie Rules Football. Everyone has a team that they think sucks. We got Collingwood (Magpies).
Heres where it gets fun:
I have designed a Collingwood Trophy IM avatar which goes straight where your picture goes when you're chatting. The Magpies are close to finishing at the bottom. When a team finishes at the bottom of the ladder at the end of the year they get the wooden spoon. I have re-vamped this as the Collingwood Trophy. No one likes Collingwood! Even if you're reading this and you are from overseas and you have a friend who goes for Collingwood, do us Aussies proud and stick this in your messenger avatar to annoy the crap out of him/her.
Heres the precious trophy:
To save it:
right click on the pic
Go to Save Picture As
Find a place to save it
Then change your picture in your Instant Messenger program to this one!
PS I'm interested in seeing what comments I get. Let me know the response you get.

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