One-Man Muppet Show


It started as a funny joke at the start but now I can't stop it. You see I can do voices. What do I mean? I mean I can do impersonations and mimic cartoon voices I hear.

It started about 20 years ago with my love for the muppets. Somehow the antics of the muppets got stuck in my mind. about 8 years ago I realised I could do the voice of Kermit. My friends thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Then Miss Piggy followed, then Gonzo, then Animal, then the whole muppet show. I turned into a one man muppet show. I got given the nick name Kermit!

Alrighty at this point, someone is reading this and I can hear them thinking "This guy is so immature, he needs to grow up" - what are you my mother?

A new breed of Muppets came along soon after. Elmo reared his red head and I got requests for Elmo. I must admit, when I first done his voice it sounded more like Elmo's half twice removed twin brothers uncles sister. Persistance paid off. Yep I got called Elmo. It helps having 2 nephews sometimes. Starwars Episode 1 came along with Jar Jar Binks. I found out that I could do his voice as well as the world famous "HOW WUDE!" line.

I have run a billion or so kids programs. I enjoy working with kids. When Elmo is unleashed I become the life of the party. When I speak to kids I use these voices. I have never seen kids who have been so quiet and fully attentive! I'm not saying that if you are working with kids that you should be doing stupid voices all the time. Yes they do back fire. I've had parents who won't tell me to my face that they are unimpressed but they will tell other leaders. But on the other hand I've had parents who have come to pick up their kids and have arrived 10-15 minutes earlier when I am speaking.

I can do a heap of other voices but there are too many to mention. These include the Simpsons and other cartoons on TV.

Anyone want an answering machine message done?

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