The Photo I took Dept.


I took this photo a while a go. I was taking my nephews to the park and a magpie landed on the equipment above me. I'm glad I took the photo. It was enough to just get the magpie but when I took it I ended up getting the sun aswell. I love the colours and the way it just comes through.

Ok another thing. I know Richmond is playing collingwood this weekend - Thats not the reason for the photo. I remembered that they were playing when I uploaded this pic.

Yep collingwood is the magpies. What the heck has happened to the Tigers? They were 4th. Brown breaks a leg and then Richmonds confidence went out the window with their premiership chance. How can they end up 10th? they need to get 8th for a chance to play in the finals.

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Here The Artist... said...

Great shot. Love the sun beams.