The stupid M&M Comp Dept.


Ok, I've entered the M&M comp. If you don't know anything about it you go to the M&M website, enter a code and collect points. If you've got the most points at the end of the month you win a digital video camera. I started collecting my packets and waited until the double points thing came on and went to enter them. Now I went to get my packets and my brother threw them out. WHY????? Now I had to bin scab and try to look for them in the table scraps and anything else thats in the bin but NO GOOD!

I entered the code I had and found out its worth 100 points. the guy in front has 21000 points thats like 210 packets of M&M's. the packets are about worth $3 each for the 250 grams. Thats approx $630 worth of M&M's. Sounds like a lot for a camera. I guess if you look at it one way the camera is worth twice that amount. I think too much chocolate can almost act as a laxative from what I've heard. Is toilet sitting sessions worth a $1300 video camera? is your health worth a $1300 camera? I don't know. I love M&M's!

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