The Wide Wide World Of Golf


I am involved in a program in a local High School. On Thursday mornings we serve toasted cheese sandwiches and hot chocolates for free. On Fridays lunchtime we run a lunchtime program. We run some crazy games. The messier games always get the coolest response. I've become an expert in hyping and making them more exciting than they actually are. For example I ran a game called 'Ping Pong Golf' where you have 2 kids and they had to blow a ping pong ball into a cup. Sounds not that thrilling huh? Thats what I thought. I totally looked at all the areas of real golf and implimented them into it. 3 things: The golf clap after every hit, the ooohhhs and ahhhs when it gets so close, and one final thing: the Happy Gilmore impersonation aka "CAN'T YOU GO INTO YOUR HOME?!!!??". We done a play off which consisted of 2 rounds of 2 kids and the winner of both rounds plays off to win a bag of Jelly Babies and a chocolate frog.

Golf is not my favourite thing to play. Infact I think theres nothing more boring apart from lawn bowls. But its funny because everytime I play mini golf I win! I don't get it. Am I suppose to hate something to be good at it?

We took our youth to a fun park and you pay the admission fee and everything is free and unlimited! There was a mini golf course and we decided we'd just go in there and just play around just for fun. We get about half way through our game and we met Australia's own Happy Gilmore! He was ssssooooo angry at his son for not hitting the ball. This guy couldn't get any more Aussie if he tried, he sported everything from the un buttoned flannelette shirt to the mullet to the moustache. It was hillarious anyway to hear a guy going off his head on a mini golf course at his (probably looked about 8 -10 years old) son all because he couldn't hit the ball properly. I decided when the coast was clear to get my friend, who I was playing against, take a photo of me doing my best Happy Gilmore Impersonation:

"Can't You Go In your home?"

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