All I want is some clean underwear


HOUSTON (Reuters) - Whether it's boxers or briefs, two Houston women are working to give Hurricane Katrina survivors a fresh start with new, clean underwear.

"You can wear someone else's blue jeans or shirt, but you need your own underwear," said Kay Barbour who, along with Robin Nichols has organized a drive to collect the items for thousands of people who fled Louisiana or were evacuated to Houston.

The women set up collection boxes at a chain of fast food outlets, rallied their friends to the cause and dropped off 1,944 pairs of new underwear at the Salvation Army distribution center in Pasadena, a suburb of Houston.
They were all gone within two or three hours.

For the many who have lost everything, "a new pair of underwear is symbolic of a new start," said Dee Smith, the center's operations director.

Barbour and Nichols hope to encourage others to join their drive which they have dubbed "Drop Yer Drawers" for Katrina Survivors. The Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants in Pasadena, Pearland, and Clear Lake will take donations through September 18.

"It's been incredible," Nichols said. "People have made it personal, wanting to know what sizes are most needed or bringing in sizes similar to what they wear. Kids are coming in with bags of children's underwear."

Smith said the Salvation Army center had helped more than 600 families with clothing, shoes, food, personal hygiene items, baby needs, toys, household goods and more.
"But the one thing that has proven the most wanted is the one thing that is the least in supply -- new, clean underwear," she said.

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ambiguous wanderer said...

Very true. People usually think of clothes but rarely undergarments, which are slightly more important than clothes.

Hmm...What if no one donated undergarments? Where will they get any...? Just a thought

denise said...

hey mike, thanks for stopping by my site. i enjoy your site. rsj and third day are my favs, interestingly enough you have both of them on your front page.

here are some youth worker sites that i know: