Chick Flicks & Flick Chicks


My sister is watching a chick flick. What is with that?

I made a comment about you know that its going to be a bad movie when all you hear is annoying girl bands in the sound track. My sister was really angry (What did I say?) and she said the stupidest thing: "If you don't stop it I'll switch it off!" What does one say or do in this situation? Basically I saw a door that was wide open and basically anything I said or done as a reply would have been perfect or would have got an thundering applause with fits of laughter.

Why is it that guys know that chick flicks are bad but will still sit through them? Guys believe that if they don't watch it then their girlfriend will automatically dump them - I'm still waiting to see if this is true or just an old wives tale.

Sport to guys is about as exciting as shopping and handbags is to girls.

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denise said...

i despise shopping, but really enjoy sports. my husband doesn't mind shopping, but doesn't get into sports at all. and he willingly watches chick flicks with me. we must be some sort of messed up couple.