The Coolest Gift Ever


My friend came back from holidays and look what he got me. Pretty neat huh? Now I don't have to worry about rewinding my DVD's. Thank God, about time I was sick of sitting there waiting for them to rewind now I can be doing other stuff.

I've tried CD's and it works just as well.

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Kunstemæcker said...

That's so cool coz I always forget to rewind my dvd's when I bring them back to the videostore.

piggy twister said...

Sure.. It can rewind.. But can it Fast Forward? Maybe if you insert the discs upside down?

kyknoord said...

It works on CDs too? Wow, what a bargain!

Sarcastic Ornery Barista said...

I'm going to get one for cd's because it's such a pain to always have it on that last song.

duwbryd said...

Where'd you get this essential piece of equipment, Walmart?

LibertyBelle said...

Sure beats rewinding cassettes!
Where do you get these hilarious ideas from?
You are a hoot!
(and you made my day!)