My Dog Is Stupid


My dog is stupid. Her name is Katie. I think I've talked about her.

This photo on the right is her next to my mum.
Katie doesn't like me. It might have something to do with the fact that about 3 years ago I was going to take her for a walk. Katie loved her walks except for some unknown reason 200 metres was too far to walk so she decided to limp. Yep, she lifted her right rear leg and started limping. Actually a good thing came out of this, at the same time a girl about my age walked past and gave a sigh and said "Oh look at the dog, she's hurt her leg." I thought "Dang the dog is setting me up with this girl" but for some unknown reason I said "No she pretending and she wants me to carry her." and the girl gave a laugh as she walked off. I picked her up and started carrying her and it dawned on me: "Why the heck am I feeling sorry for the dog? Its an attention seeker!" so I put her down and she didn't want to walk any further but just sat there on the path until I picked her up and walked home.
Now fast forward to 3 years later:
I got the leash out and she got excited coz she knew she was going for a walk. The problem is that she didn't want me to take her, she wanted mum to. This is what was going on in her mind:
"Oh boy, that loser has brought Mum the leash so she can take me for a walk."
I put the leash on her and she just sat there because there was no way she was coming with me. So I handed the leesh to Mum and straight away Katie went into 'Walkies Mode'.
Another thing is that the dog only comes to me if it wants a drink or go outside for Number 1's or 2's. How stupid is that?

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ambiguous wanderer said...

Haha.. so selective. Sure knows how to choose people to pamper her.