My Goals


I have alot of goals. You can see them on the right at the bottom. I got 43 there but its not quite enough... There are alot of things I wanna do while I'm here on Earth. I've tried to put them in order. Here is the top 12 here.....

  1. get married
  2. watch every episode of Seinfeld from start to finish non-stop
  3. clone myself and sell him on ebay
  4. Fake my own death
  5. get abducted by aliens and remember it
  6. Learn to dance really cool
  7. Bash a Starwars nerd
  8. Take Kenny Kramers reality tour in New York
  9. Learn to speak fluent gibberish
  10. spread the word that 'door hinge' does kind of rhyme with 'orange'
  11. Grow a mullet
  12. Stop saying CRAP so much

How will I go about doing these? I don't know... I'm quite interested to see what would happen if I fake my own death... hmmm watch this spot...

3 Comment(s):

ambiguous wanderer said...

If you do get to clone yourself, do it discreetly, then kill your clone and let someone find his body.

And what's stopping ya from growing a mullet?

Dorothy said...

Whoa that other comment is beyond scary!

Elena said...

I Love Your Goals and You...they are the same as mine!