My Pet Peeves


Here are my pet peeves in no particular order

  • That stupid crazy frog
  • That there was only 9 Seasons of Seinfeld when they should've hung around for 10.
  • Simpson repeats
  • The fact that no matter how big a bag of M&M's you get, its not enough
  • Know alls
  • Being put on hold on the phone
  • Aussie Soap Opera's
  • Big Brother
  • People that don't use initative and just rely on God to do it and say "If its God's will..."
  • The fact that everytime a TV show is moved forward an hour its always on at a special time
  • That there are no decent comedies on TV anymore
  • That the Goodies are no more
  • That they are so darn slow to bring out the rest of the Seasons of Seinfeld on DVD.
  • The sound of finger nails across the blackboard

1 Comment(s):

Dorothy said...

Hi there i like ur blog, but i gotta say about the "if it's in Gods will" thing. I can understand not liking people who dont do anything in life and just stand around waiting for God to do something, but really God is in control and he's not going to just give u everything u want, right?