Never Again


Usually each of us have a life time opportunity to do something that we would do in a flash. I guess yesterday was one of those days.

I promised my two nephews that I would take them to see Wallace and Gromit at the cinema. They are a 4 and 6 years old. We caught the early session. For the past 24 hours up to the time we decided to go the kids kept asking me "Are you taking me to see Grandma & Vomit?". If you didn't think that was funny enough then what the oldest asked will shock you. Please don't see this as sick or obscene, I'm only saying it in the innocence of the kids. I was asked "When we go to see Grandma & Vomit, can we get some copporn?"
"Some popcorn?"
My biggest worry was that as we were going to walk past the popcorn machine that he was going to say it like that. But that was the only time he didn't.

Before we left the kids were given a fruit bar and a little water. They had to have a "Pit Stop" (Toilet stop) so there wasn't the notorious 'I need to go to the toilet' half way through.

We got a bit of the way through the movie and they had finished their fruit bar and water and they wanted what I had. I didn't eat anything!! I still got what I took. Every 5 minutes I heard "I'm hungry, can I have some copporn? I'm Hungry!!" Then I heard the phrase that no person wants to hear: "I need to go to toiwet". Thanks a lot!!

After the movie we went to Hungry Jacks (equivalent to Burger King - just the name has changed). I headed for the cash machine. As I'm making my transaction there was a familiar question "HEY, CAN YOU DO ELMO?" I looked around and here was some guys from our school outreach. They know I do voices so I didn't want to disappoint my fans so I said "Elmo needs money, because Elmo loves Hungry Jacks."

I didn't even know why the heck I was in Hungry Jacks. I didn't even know what the point was.

After that it was home time for the kids because I had work.

Well that's about it.

I should go and return the kids to their owner.

That was my day seeing Grandma & Vomit

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TaraMetBlog said...

Aww too cute, what a nice uncle you are taking them to see copporn and Grandma & Vommit, lol :)