Question For The Viewers


Ok Viewers, I have a question for you.

Which one of the following would you prefer:
A. To have a national holiday named after you?
B. To have an Island named after you?
C. To have a Sundae named after you?

Place your response in the comments below and give some details and include the name of it and describe what it would be like.

2 Comment(s):

Mikestar said...

I'll go with:
B. The Island.

It would have genetically modified dinosaurs and other weird stuff.

One thing would to have a Chocolate factory and for people to win a golden ticket to it. On top of all that, Seinfeld would be played non-stop 24/7 from every location on a huge Screen... I would be president, Kramer would be Vice President

denise said...

i'm thinking i'm going with the island too. option b.

the island of watapaCHING
i would pick and choose my favorite people to come live on this island with me. the whole island would be rigged with free wifi, starbucks (at half the starbucks price), 7 taco bells, an olive garden, a mexican restaurant, and a chinese restaurant that serves really great crab ragoons. the temperature would always be 70, all year round. the island pastor, preacher, & teacher would be louie giglio, the worship leaders would be david crowder & chris tomlin. (and they would give me personal guitar lessons)
the official color of watapaCHING would be orange. and there would be gum machines all over the island, and with the drop of a penny, they would all give a piece of orbit bubblemint. no girls would ever wear a dress or skirt. as a reward for becoming a citizen of watapaCHING every resident receives a 17-inch powerbook, a 60-gig ipod, a $250 gift card for itunes, and a canon eos 20d camera. our island motto to live by would be, 'i am third'.