Send In The Clowns


One of my skills is doing clowning for birthday parties, Christmas break ups, huge events... anywhere actually a clown is needed. Why? I don't know.

I've been to so many birthdays that I feel like I'm 200 years old. No matter where I go its always different and always amusing. Some of the highlights including getting lost because some parents needed a clown for their precious 2 year old. That party was like 90 mins away. I had no idea where I was going, yep I was late but the instructions were written in fluent gibberish with a crayon. That was probably the worst party.
My clown name is "Cobber" I think I'm gonna change it to "Captain Cobber". Why that name? well I have a friend who always calls me Cobber which is Aussie slang for Friend or Mate. Mainly old farts in the over 30 age bracket use that. So I tried it and it worked.
Not all parties are bad. Most of them are cool. People actually pay you to have fun and to eat their food when they offer. What more could you ask for? I just done a party last week for friends of mine. Yep another 3 year old party. One thing they didn't tell me is that their son may freak out at the sight of a guy wearing face paint and looking all goofy. When a kid screams, you know that you've warn out your welcome. Some kids take their friendship to serious because there will always be one or two 'smarties' who will play a game called "Lets see if the funny clown has 'clown jewels'". Kids wanna see if they can get a clown angry. But since you're being paid $100 an hour, you gotta act like you've taken 10 bottles of prozac before you got in your car to drive to the party.
One of the coolest things I ever done was to be involved with a huge day where they were raising money for the prevention of youth suicide. Basically all the people there had donated their time, services, and an arm and leg for a cause. All these stars like Harold from Neighbours, and a few other celebs like some from Big Brother and other Aussie shows were there. There was a room out the back with all this food drinks FOR FREE! we hung around there. And we got to hang out with Harold. My clowning companion went up and hugged him.
Later on during the day it dawned on me that people there were seeing me as a Celebrity like Harold. Why didn't I have my own signing? Well some kids did ask me for my autograph. That was the coolest thing that has probably happened to me. We got interviewed for Channel 31 which is a public access TV station. I realised when I had seen that channel later on that at the late night hours of 1 & 2 am that your TV turns into a fish tank because thats all thats on that channel - WE WERE GONNA BE ON THE FISH TANK CHANNEL!
Another event that stands out in my mind is one of the first ones I done for the Austar (Pay TV) road show. They had all these characters in costumes that you wanted to tackle (Very Tempting). There was an Austin Powers cardboard cutout with a motion activated device on it which means everytime you walk past it it would say "GROOVY BABY" or "DO I MAKE YOU HORNY BABY, YEAH!" that was amusing!
Well I could go one with more stories but I'm probably wasting your time so maybe some other time, ok? Oh yeah, just incase your wondering, yep thats me in the photo.

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Elena said...

Love the photo! How many balloon animals do you make at a given time? And do you do the muppet voices when you dress up as a clown for the parties?