The Craziest Thing I've Done


I've just done the craziest thing. Part of it is curiosity, part of it is just out of boredom. I decided to go into a chatroom as a girl. Within 5 mins of being in there I had 5 guys trying to hit on me. Yes it was weird. I can't believe girls put up with this crap.

I'm convinced stupid pick up lines and trying to act like Fabio is no way into a girls heart because girls aren't stupid, they can tell a mile away. Even in Christian chatrooms of all places there were wolves in sheep clothing and people who were full of it.

Without a doubt, there would be only about 10% of the room total who are real. It makes me ashamed to be a guy sometimes when I see girls being treated like that. Some guys need a good kick up the butt. For goodness sake, get a life you maniac!

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