God is real, here's proof


This happened in my family.

My Mum went to see a specialist and got an MRI scan because the doctors believed that she could've had a tumour. Our family was freaking out, I went out for prayer that sunday I heard and just totally cried out for God to do a miracle.

She got the results back and the doctor said that he and his associate had been looking at the results for a week confused (they were late getting back to her because of this). They wanted to know if mum had any brain surgery and she told the dr's that she hadn't. The doctor asked this because all he could find was a scar on the brain and no evidence of the tumour left. God totally left the scar there to prove that the tumour was removed (yep he could of removed that too but its all good).

So you think that God is stupid, dead, and doesn't heal huh? Well this is 110% real and happened in my family. Jesus is in the healing business so put your trust and hope in Him!

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Ben said...

An amazing story. Best wishes to your mother.

Elena said...

I Love the power and majastey of God's Love and Grace! I Love how He works.