THAT Christmas Play


I was thinking about when I was about 18. We were asked to write a Christmas play. Yep it was a great play. My 2 friends and I who for the purpose of telling my story I will call "Nathan" and "John" (Because that was their real names). We started off by meeting each week at a place called Raunchy Rooster - I kid you not, its a real place!

'Raunchies', as we liked to call it was a great place. Considering we didn't have KFC or McDonald's in my town, this was the closest you could get to real chicken. That was the life, 3 friends digging into their greasy chicken, hanging out and talking. Yep, what more could you ask for. It took us 3 months to write a script.

What the end product was something that was almost a bit like Monty Python - Ok, a lot like Monty Python. Our budget was really bad, we ended up buying everything ourselves... We decided that instead of building some sets that everything would be made out of Cardboard... yep, the same stuff as boxes.... Open a box all the way and tape a few of them together and you got a wall or house. We cast ourselves as the Wise men. But we ran into a few problems about where to get some camels from. We didn't live in the Sahara so we didn't have Camels. We decided to do the only thing we could do and that was to cut them out of cardboard boxes and paint them up - So we did only to realize that the camels were too small. Not only that, but we were running out of time and it looked like we would only get 2 camels done. I came up with the idea that I would use a pair of Flip Flops (Ok we call them thongs but I know what everyone else calls them so I'll speak your language) and slap them together to make the walking sound of the other 2 camels considering we don't get coconuts here.

Yep, it went off... It was hilarious too. We weren't making fun of the Christmas story. This is just the way our minds worked. We came up with another idea in our brainstorming sessions that the Wise men should have different personalities... One serious, one funny, and one that speaks in rhyme, all the time.

We wrote a rhyme so when the Wise men went from door to door asking where Baby Jesus he could explain... Sort of like Dr Seuss stories... It went like this

that's right my man
I'm proud to say
that's why we've come this way
You see my friends, they and I
One bright eve were searching the sky
To low and behold a star appeared
My friends and I were greatly cheered
We've come to search for the king of the Jews
that's why we bring you this good news!

At the last house that the Wise men go to they were suppose to ask where Baby Jesus was and go on their way. Little did I know was that my friend Nathan changed the script on me. There was this Welsh guy that was playing the owner of that place. The conversation went like this:
"Do you know where the baby king is?"
"Why as me, I'm not a Jew, I'm an ARAB"
"I could've sworn that was a Welsh accent" We totally lost it on stage because it was the funniest thing I had heard.

Yep, that's about it. I don't even know why the heck I'm typing this, but it sticks out in my mind.

Until next time....
Stay cool

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