That Crash

Ok, so I'm watching the V8 Supercars and I can't believe what happened at Bathurst. Greg Murphy (A Kiwi of all people) hit Marcos Ambrose (Legend and Aussie) from behind. Ambrose hit a wall, and Murph crashed into him which caused a pile up of at least 10 cars from behind and the road up to the top of the mountain. The road was blocked the total of the damage would be close to $1.5 million. I was literally up off my seat as Ambrose and Murph got out of their cars and exchanged words.

The cool thing out of this is that my hero Russell Ingall is finally at the top of the Championship. With 3 rounds to go, I think we can expect a #1 on his door. He totally deserves it. One of my other heroes Craig Lowndes had a Wheel from the car in front hit his car and smash his windscreen. He had to drop into the pits to remove the front and back windscreens turning it into a mobile freezer. His car until this time was totally flawless and would have won the race if it wasn't for the wheel. Another thing that is stupid is that Ambrose was told that he wasn't wearing a balaclava (it protects his head In case of a fire). Why did they stop him and no one else? I have never seen my dad so fired up and he said at dinner time when that report was on TV "RIGHT WE'RE GOING TO THE FINALE" (The last round). The morons officials at the V8's need to pull their head out of their backsides and have a close look. What's good for one person is good for all.

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