Things That Bug Me


Here is a useless post. I don't care if anyone reads this. If I cared I would have became a freelance writer and had it published in Readers Digest or something.

here's a list of things that annoy the crap out of me:

  • Old people who try to act cool and use jargon that teenagers use just so they can fit in and try to be acceptable to them - Give it up, young people can see through it
  • People who use the word 'Like' about 10 million times in one sentence. For example: "Like, the other day, Like I saw Bobby and like I was like 'Oh my gosh'". Give it a break and stop pretending you live in Beverly Dills 90210.
  • Control freaks and people that don't know how to work in a team but try to do everything themselves because they think that they are God's gift to whatever the heck the are doing and that the thing they are involved with will fall apart without them. Hey Bozo, if you want to play Gandhi, do it in your own time!
  • People who are too cheap to pay me for a job I've done for them, instead they think that they can buy me off with food. Hey cheapskate, pay people what they are worth and stop trying to scam your way out of things
  • People who continuously over use the word 'Whatever' and combine it with a sing song voice.
  • Movies that have excessive swearing and sex scenes. For the love of Pete, get some Psychiatric help. And do us all a favour and get a room - unless you're a pervert no one wants to see that crap.
  • People who are too darn serious. Do us all a favour and cheer up ya loser. Dang, the world is going down the crapper and all you are worried about is if you're going to be embarassed or look like a moron. No one likes grumpy farts. Get a life!

When I think of more things I will add it.

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