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I came across this blog at aparently they got some online church happening. Now I was curious to see how this can work out. All looked great, until I found a couple of things that burdened me. I felt it necessary to reply to one of the comments and email the head honcho.

Here is my letter

just came across your blog... interesting concept.. When you say about people joining here because they do not have a regular place of worship. I've never met anyone who has never had a regular place of worship.... look around you, churches everywhere!! How many churches do we need?? People can't find a place of worship simply because they are offended with what the minister has said. Sometimes for a good reason because they don't hold fast to the truths of God, sometimes its because they have unconfessed sin in their life so everything they hear will be an offense. Even people reading this are gonna be offended at my comments. Offenses are everywhere, running away and joining another church isn't the answer.

If this is a church, how can the shephard do his job? its really impossible to... I'm being realistic here! The concept of the virtual church is interesting, but I can't see how it will really work... If this is really God, then it will be a GOD idea, not a GOOD idea.

Where is the covering from the church?

One final thing that is worrying, its the basic doctrine of salvation. At the top of the blog it says ACCEPT THE LOVE OF JESUS, this maybe valid, but it really distorts the reason why we need saving to start off with... We don't get saved because we need love. We get saved because we realise we've broken Gods commandments.... this helps us realise what we've done wrong AKA We've commited adultery, stolen something, and murdered.... Once we realise what we've done, we ask God to forgive us, repent and turn away from those things and embrace Gods love and grace.... You're missing the repentance part!!!

If you don't mention that because you're too scared you're gonna offend someone, then you're ripping people off and cheating them and they will backslide because their reason for getting saved: Love, is the wrong reason, all because when something goes wrong, people think that God is angry with them and doesn't love them..... Can you see where I'm coming from????

If you water down the conviction of the word and become seeker friendly, you're online ministry thingy won't last.....

Well thats it for me, if you wanna discuss this with me, my details are on my weblog....Bless you all

Now, if that isn't bad enough, I checked the School of Theology page on the blog.... Yep, its an online Bible College... I was curious to see what subjects they are teaching... check these out

[ T201 ] Atheists & Humanists vs. Theists
[ T205 ] Billy Graham on the Holy Spirit
[ T102 ] C.S. Lewis, A1
[ T108 ] C.S. Lewis, A2
[ T104 ] Christian Fantasy
[ T204 ] elements of powerful prayer
[ T301 ] Foundation Stones: Faith
[ T306 ] Foundation Stones: Grace
[ T305 ] Foundation Stones: Healing
[ T303 ] Foundation Stones: Prayer
[ T302 ] Foundation Stones: The Blood of Jesus
[ T304 ] Foundation Stones: The Cross
[ T307 ] Foundation Stones: The Trinity
[ T106 ] looking for (secular) truth
[ T103 ] New wine
[ T203 ] Pursuit of God
[ T101 ] Sound Doctrine, A1
[ T109 ] Sound Doctrine, A2
[ T110 ] Sound Doctrine, A3
[ T401 ] Start a Blog
[ T105 ] Tough Faith
[ T107 ] Why am I here?
[ T202 ] Wigglesworth on Faith

What the heck does Blogging have to do with anything or including the worlds of C.S Lewis??? is it just me or are these guys nuts??? They haven't made it clear what the outcome is... They don't say what qualifications it will leave you with..... It would be nice to know that I'm actually going to get some qualification out of this, apart from being a cyber nerd that thinks that God has called them to be "Lord of the Blogs" - One blog to rule them all. I don't agree with any of these subjects... especially the second last one 'why am I here'... That pretty much sums up the blog. If you don't know why you've signed up for this to begin with, you're mad. And again, they in the foundation stones they left out the whole repentance thing.... the foundation for Christianity is found in Hebrews 6

I don't care if the people from this organisation are reading my blog... all I can say is that this is the biggest joke on the internet.

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