Australian Idol is Crap


Well I just watched the crap called Australian Idol. Yep Kate won. She's from my town. I guess I should be happy for her. Basically I don't care who won... They could have got Steady Eddy doing a duet with Stevie Wonder for all I care. Anyway, I'd like to set the record straight: Everyone in Bendigo knows that her daddy owns a car yard and paid his employees $10k to vote for Kate - so she cheated.

You are probably reading this and saying "Mike, you're too harsh on her"... Well how much manufactured reality TV show crap do we have to put up with? Stupid wannabes being on stupid shows about..... well crap. As if you didn't realise, I overuse the word CRAP. Yes I do, and its a mighty fine word indeed. You don't like it? its not my problem. I guess some religious fruitcake would go "Well if Jesus was here, would you say it to His face?" well firstly lets see....

Picture this: (the scene is set, Jesus standing infront of me).
MIKE: Jesus, what do you think of the devil?
JESUS: He's pretty crap.

Hey I'm being real peoples. If you wanna get offended because I say crap, because its un christian then you need to get saved again. The unchristian thing to do is to lie to yourself or pretend to be hollier than thou.

Did Moses pick his nose? I guess wandering the wilderness for 40 years you'd wanna 'clear house' now and then.

Well thats my rant....
Drop it like its Hoff....

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