Nerds R Us


When I'm chatting on the net I'm sick of people asking me for my photo. I've decided to have a little fun. I found my nerd glasses, I put them on and *poof* instant nerd, just add glasses. Now if anyone asks me for my photo and I don't want to talk to them I'll just give them this photo. These sick demented people can add this to their stash of photos that they have collected from people in chatrooms and I'll let Yahoo know that this person is spamming me..

The worst thought I had 2 minutes ago was that there maybe, just maybe someone in this world that actually goes around looking like this - a nerdish me. If this is you, leave a comment below. And take off those glasses for goodness sake and get yourself some snazzy coloured contact lenses.

Why is it racism when you talk about the colour of someone's skin, but not with nerds. Is there such a thing as nerd racism? Who knows.
If people really knew me in the chatrooms they would know that I'm not serious at all. They will know that if they checked my profile at least because I can't make it anymore clearer than saying "I don't take chat seriously". If people are still offended because I'm not serious then they need to see Dr Phil or something because its beyond a joke. I'm sure people actually 'camp' in chatrooms. The same nerds are in there all the time. Don't you people have a life? Don't you have a wife, husband, kids, or a mother in law to go home to? If you haven't got time to talk to your spouse or kids, you haven't got time FULL STOP. Get your lazy butt off the computer and go do something, and I don't mean the TV.

While I'm at it, what the heck is wrong with people that are married for 15 years and meet someone online and leave their spouse for some moron they have never met? What is wrong with you people? You really are a nerd because you spend your time getting involved with someone when you are already involved!

I better get some work done,
Well that's my 2 cents,
have your 2 cents worth below
Your pal,