There's A New Kid On The Block


I'm so excited. One of the managers from New Kids On The Block ran into me in the street. He dropped his suitcase and there were some photos of New Kids On The Block in them. I said "Hey, do you know New Kids On The Block?" and He replied "Yeah, I'm their manager and they're getting back together and are looking for a 6th member of the band".
He continues and tells me this story how I'm the kind of guy he was looking for. And I was invited to audition which I passed.
I am now the 6th member of the group.
I will be known as MIKEY E!
Here is some of the stuff that will be coming out soon. With the 6 of us! We will be remaking a greatest hits album as a launch. I have to grow a pony tail and change my wardrobe now. Some of the stuff I have to get is a funky hat with a hole at the top. Also they advised me to cut all my shirts that will make it fashionable.

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