9 Ideas For The Worlds Strongest Man Event


Here are my ideas for the worlds strongest man comp.

  1. Carrying a grand piano down 15 flights of stairs by themselves
  2. Wrestle an elephant to the ground with your bare hands
  3. Pull a concrete truck by themselves
  4. Do what spiderman done and become part of a rail and let a train drive over you.
  5. Fight with your identical twin brother who weighs the same and looks the same as you (AKA Bizaro Superman)
  6. Pick up a frozen lake iceblock and throw it onto a fire (AKA Superman)
  7. Smash 200 coconuts with your head.
  8. Demolish a 2 story house with your hands
  9. Give 10 500 pound people a piggy back ride at the same time

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