$85,000 bid for four Aussie blokes

Bidding has skyrocketed for a weekend with four Sydney men auctioning themselves at online marketplace eBay, with a French buyer offering $85,100.

Marketing reps Corey, Mark, Zac and law student Lachie have put themselves up for auction at online marketplace eBay, welcoming bids for a weekend with four blokes in Sydney.
"Couldn't be bothered making the effort finding new friends at the pub?" the offer reads.
"Don't have friends who are up for a couple of beers, a few snags and a hell of a good time? Or just bored with your current friends and their obsession with nerd stuff?"
"What you need is a weekend with four fun blokes in inner Sydney."

The boys won't fly the successful bidder to Sydney or pay for their bus fare, but are promising to wine and dine in true Aussie style - with a few tinnies and a barbie from February 18 to 19.
They also allude to the possibility of an "international guest" from the UK, "making it five blokes for the price of four".

French bidder renaudwald has offered a whopping $85,100 for the weekend treat, the 141st bid since the auction began on January 25.

Accents across Australia

To continue my celebration of all things Aussie, here is the transcript of story on "Today-Tonight"

The true blue, fair dinkum Aussie accent is part of our identity. To mark Australia Day, we asked an expert to compare accents in different states.
What we say and how we say it defines Australians as a people. The Aussie accent is an international symbol of our identity.

It is sometimes called "strine" (named for the way some people pronounce "Australian"), meaning the slang we like to fling about and the way we say it.
While we can all be true blue and fair dinkum, there are slightly different accents all around the country.

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Dr Felicity Cox knows more about the Australian accent than most. As a speech scientist, she sits and listens to how our national accents change.
"In Sydney, people are more formal and have a little bit of a more international accent," Dr Cox said. "And as you go to Brisbane or out to Perth it's a little bit more relaxed."
"Australians speak very much the same, depending on where you come from, but there are minor differences, slight differences between the states."
While the Aussie accent immediately stands out in a crowd overseas, recordings from last century reveal it has changed over the years.

"There are a number of theories as to how accents develop and people will always tend to speak the way their peers speak," Dr Cox said.
Dr Cox has carefully studied the way teenagers take the language in new directions.
"Accents tend to develop amongst teenagers, so any changes we see in our language come in the speech of teenagers more than older people."
For example, when a teenager said "my head", it was often different from the pronunciation of an older person.

"Young Australians now are more likely to say "my HAD", they're moving the vowel down," Dr Cox said.

We asked Dr Cox to devise a sentence that would reveal how much the Australian accent differed from state to state. She came up with: "Sally-Anne and Dell wore their fur coats and brown boots and high hats to the high school dance in the second year."

"This is an interesting sentence," Dr Cox explained. "It comprises a number of potential markers of regional variation, so you will notice there are lots of "L" consonants in it."
"We've got the word 'Sally-Anne', so it has an A before an l, we've got the word 'Dell' so we have an E before an l, we have the word 'school', which has an 'oo' before an l."
"And those vowels will change when they occur before an l, and that change is different from different parts of Australia."

Today Tonight shipped the sentence around the country, inviting people to read it aloud.
Dr Cox carefully examined our results, listening for those tiny differences most of us would hardly notice.
"A lot of the boys and girls say "Dall"," Dr Cox said. "So they have an almost "A" sound before the "L" and that's characteristic of people from Victoria, particularly in Melbourne."
There were other, more pronounced differences between the east and west of Australia.
"We have this difference between "school"," Dr Cox said. "'Skool' in Adelaide, and people from Brisbane might even have 'skooool'."

Dr Cox believed many of these differences may eventually die out as more people crossed the country for work, their native accents blending in with adopted tones.
There was also an impact from migrant accents, but the influx of Americanism posed no threat to our language, Dr Cox said. The Aussie vernacular was here to stay.
"Australian English is a potent symbol of Australian national identity and will remain so into the future," she said. "It won't be eroded by American English.

Article from http://seven.com.au/todaytonight/story/?id=26536

Happy Australia Day

Hi peoples, wow its Australia day! This is my first one for 2 years here in Australia... last year I was in New Zealand. Whats even better? Going to the cricket! Here is my tribute to all things Australian

Its me and Austin Powers... I'm on the right in the yellow! This was taken last Australia Day in New Zealand... notice the funky AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE T-shirt.

Where was The Hoff when we were playing against England in the ashes?

Stick this in your pipe Holden! Ford wins 3 championships in a row. You can have bathurst, we'll have that number 1 on the door!

Things that make Australia great:
(in no particular order)
  1. The Croc Hunter
  2. Cricket
  3. Aussie Rules (AFL)
  4. That Aussies take no crap from no one
  5. How we can say one word and it can mean more than one thing
  6. Men at Work (You know that song "Down Under")
  7. Being called The Great Southland of the Holy Spirit
  8. Being one of the most liveable country in the world
  9. V8 Supercars
  10. Our chocolate
  11. Kangaroos
  12. Koalas
  13. Australians such as Kath & Kim, The Croc Hunter, Russell Coight, Roy & HG, and Rolf Harris
  14. Bogan Rock... (Aussie Rock Bands from the 80's and 90's with the mullets)
  15. Mullets
  16. Slang
  17. Australia 1 Day Cricket Matches Versing New Zealand and England
  18. Crowded House
  19. Pie & Coke at the cricket - also not at the cricket
  20. Our War Cry: Aussie Aussie Aussie - Oi Oi Oi
Things that make Australia bad:
  1. Home & Away
  2. Blue Heelers
  3. Neighbours
  4. All Saints
  5. Every other crap soap opera or aussie drama show
  6. Kylie Minogue
  7. Russell Crowe... wait he's kiwi but some how everyone thinks that he's aussie
  8. The fact that Ford can't win Bathurst
  9. That we're becoming Americanised
Feel free to add to my list in the comments below... this is going to be continuously updated when I think of stuff

Tsunami AFL widow gets Australian honour

Trisha Broadbridge has been admitted to a psychiatric clinic three times since her husband died in the 2004 east Asian tsunami.

She revealed her experiences as she took to the stage to be named the 2006 Young Australian of the Year.

Her husband, Troy, was killed when the tsunami hit while they were honeymooning on Phi Phi Island in Thailand on December 26, 2004.
The catastrophic event claimed at least 250,000 lives across the Indian Ocean.
After being presented with the Young Australian of the Year award in a ceremony on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra, Ms Broadbridge said she had contemplated taking her own life on a number of occasions.
"There's been many moments where I didn't want to live," she told reporters after the ceremony.

"Sometimes it's hard for me to know why I'm still here and what's the point to life if I have to live with pain all the time."
But she said wanted to turn her pain into something positive and let people know there were many ways to deal with grief.
"I don't want people to think that if you lose someone, you have to go and build a school, or you have to start up a foundation because that's what I chose to do and it worked for me, but it's not for everyone."

The 24-year-old works with young people through The Reach Foundation to improve their self-esteem and founded the Reach Broadbridge Fund in honour of her husband.
Along with the Melbourne Football Club, she also established the Broadbridge Education Centre on Phi Phi Island.
But she said the award was bitter sweet.
"It's a bit bitter sweet for me in many ways because this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't lost Troy."

Ms Broadbridge takes over from the 2005 Young Australian of the year, Khoa Do, who came to Australia as a refugee from Vietnam and was honoured last year for film making.

My Momma Was a Fish

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What is the problem with Creationism being taught in schools? Apparently everything.

People prefer to believe that over billions of years a fish decided it had enough of living in the ocean and decided one day to go for a walk so it grew a legs and then decided that it that in 50 billion years time that it would 'evolve' and be able to stand up right and wear clothes so that they didn't look silly when they went in to order McDonald's.....

I got a theory about Evolution - Darwin was adopted!

The worst thing that can happen is that Christians are gonna sit back while and not teach creationism so that everyone can believe their momma was a fish.

In a nut shell (This is me in a nut shell - 'Help I'm in a nut shell'), that's what evolutionists believe. While yet its a 'theory', people still prefer to believe that. Why? Because the church hasn't woken up yet. The church don't get it because coz they are too woosy and afraid that they are gonna offend someone that's going to hell by showing them the truth. If the church really believed what they believed they would show it instead of waiting for God to go "Voila, there you go my son, live long and prosper". Miracles should follow us where ever we go. Look at Jesus, every where he went people followed, why? Because saw the miracles and couldn't wait to see what Jesus was going to do next. He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, and raised people from the dead. Cool huh? Yeah! Who wouldn't like to see that!!! Well let me tell you: God is real, if you regularly read my blog you would remember my testimony about how my mum was healed from a brain tumour. you can read it here.

People want proof and are skeptical. I can't blame someone for not wanting to be Christian when the only answer they can be given is "Well just pray and search your heart and.. blah blah blah" Give me a break! What kind of answer is that? Our most powerful weapon is our testimony!

The Church - The sleeping giant needs to wake up! Sooooo Wake Up!!

Is Britney Spears Fat?

Just a question...
Is it just me or is spear britney - oh I mean Britney Spears, fat?

Whats happening

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This week has been great. We've had a ministry week at our church. The whole theme was on Double Portion. Thats what I want. There was 3 days and 3 nights of meetings. Our youth was playing on Thursday which was our last night. God is doing something in me but I don't know what. Just because I don't know what, don't mean that God isn't doing anything or that He doesn't exist. I just know that I'm on the verge of something totally awesome that I've yet to experience.

God is too awesome!

About Time 'Blue Heelers' Was Put Down Out Of Its Misery

I just recieved the best news ever.... now only if they'll do the same with Neigbours, Home and Away, McLeods Daughters, All Saints, and every other crap show on TV...

Blue Heelers put down after 12 years
Friday Jan 13 21:12 AEDT

Blue Heelers, one of Australia's longest-running television drama series, has been axed after 12 years.

Produced by Southern Star for the Seven Network, the weekly police drama's executive producer, Gus Howard, broke the news to staff on Friday, thanking them for their commitment and dedication.

The decision to end production came after 12 months of flagging ratings, indicating that despite efforts to rejuvenate the show, "it had run its course", a Seven spokeswoman said.

"Much of the success of Blue Heelers has been attributed to one of the best ensemble casts of any drama on television, with most every cast member becoming a household name," Mr Howard told staff.

Some of those names included star of Broadway stage and Hollywood screen Hugh Jackman, and actor David Wenham.

But the show's best known characters were the innocent Constable Maggie Doyle, played by three-time Gold Logie winner Lisa McCune, and crusty Sergeant Tom Croydon, played by John Wood.

Wood, one of two foundation cast members along with Julie Nihill, who played flame-haired publican Chris Riley, has distinction of never having won a Gold Logie despite six nominations.
But Wood has won a number of other Logies, other than the popular choice award, for his performance on the show.

Seven's director of programming and production, Tim Worner, paid particular tribute to Wood.
"John Wood deserves special recognition and our thanks. He has been with Seven for nearly 20 years, starting with Rafferty's Rules through to his award-winning portrayal of Sergeant Tom Croydon, the much loved country copper at Mount Thomas," Mr Worner said.
The final 11 episodes of Heelers, the drama based in the fictional country town of Mount Thomas, will air in the first half of 2006.

It first screened on Seven in January 1994.

The show will conclude with 510 episodes, equalling the mark set by Homicide, also screened on Seven, making them the longest-running police drama series in Australian television history.
Heelers won 26 Logies, including the unprecedented three consecutive Gold Logies for McCune, and was sold to 108 countries and territories overseas.

It ambitiously filmed a live-to-air episode in 2004 to mark a milestone episode.

Youth Leaders Network

I'm setting up a community and network for all youth leaders and kids leaders, please join

What does God think?

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Chatrooms are so darn stupid and boring. You probably already knew that. I did, but I just needed to say it. Since coming back from Planetshakers I can really tell I've changed. I used to like the chatrooms to a degree, now I just find them so stupid and boring. Not only this but one thing I've realised is that its EXHAUSTING sitting in Yahoo chat and listening to mindless dribble and people trying to convert souls when I know that the majority of unsaved people just go into these rooms and do stuff to stir up trouble as a form of entertainment because some Christians don't know what it means to really be a Christian. They think they are doing God a favour by sitting there telling people they are going to hell.

You're probably reading this and going "Mike, stop judging", hey dude, I haven't even started. What do I do? go with the flow... Hell, stop being so politically correct you jerk. You think I'm judging coz you're a stupid boring old fart. Now before you take the Bible out of context and make one doctrine out of a verse God has already judged the world. Do you think I've got nothing better to do? Infact, don't YOU have anything better to do? If you don't like me I don't give a stuff, You haven't done jack for me when Jesus has done EVERYTHING. Do you think I wake up in the morning and go "Hmmm today I might get on the net and a write a weblog entry and just judge people"? Thats just stupid.

I'm sick of sitting around like a Dr Phil wannabe and listening to peoples spill their problems when I don't have the answers but God does. Heck use some initative and don't ask people all the time or otherwise if it was a bad choice you'll end up blaming them for where you are.

God doesn't need your opinion. He was doing fine before you came along. God just wants people who are willing to be obedient. The problem is with chatrooms is that people have too much to say and too much of their opinion. I don't care if you can debate about the pre-destination of Adam. How is that going to benefit mankind? Its like asking "Why did the chicken cross the road and getting everyones opinion about it: "I don't think its God's will for the chicken to cross the road" "Maybe the chicken didn't have enough faith and thats why he got ran over" "Maybe there was some unconfessed sin in the chickens life". That crap don't interest me.

I know that if all the stuff about Jesus happened in the year 2006 instead of back then I know that everyone would want Jesus... check it out... EVERYWHERE Jesus went a crowd followed, yep, uhh huh. But the truth is that Jesus is in Heaven and waiting for Christians to get off their butts and get the world saved. He isn't going to do it coz he left all His power and all His Authority to us like a Christmas present. Nothing ain't gonna happen until you kill your own opinion about people and find out what God thinks....

Planetshakers Rocked

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Hi guys,
I'm back from Planetshakers... it was amazing... really amazing... I don't think I will get over how awesome God was. But theres more! You can't tell me for a second that if you went there that you could deny who Jesus is. No it wasn't hype. This was God's Presence in the place.

Ok, I took some photos when I was there. We walked around Melbourne checking out the sights and sounds...

This guy playing the slide guitar I thought was aussie because he was playing "Waltzing Matilda" and wearing the acubra hat and He looked up and I realised he was asian. This old guy was dancing (Sort of).

This dude was playing an old honky tonk piano with a cigarette in his mouth. He took requests but I couldn't resist to get a photo with this guy after I threw 10 cents in the bucket.

We headed into a department store called Myers and we I decided to get and try out as a model. I think Mr Bean on my T-shirt was too.

This was taken as we crossed the bridge to go into Melbourne. That building in the middle with all the patterns and stuff is Federation Square. Its sort of like the Art Precinct of Melbourne.

Here is a photo of one of the Yarra River half way between the Vodaphone arena and Federation Square

Well thats all at the moment. No photos were allowed to be taken of the actual Planetshakers conference itself. Anyway, maybe next time...

Note to Future Self

(this message was composed on Tue, Apr 26, 2005)


The cash and gun is in locker #7 at the bus station. The key is in the bottom of the african violet in Bill's mom's kitchen. Don't ever call to ask if there is any news. That will give you away as the prime suspect. The car is pushed up under the kudzu vines in the vacant lot along I-77 at exit 5. There is more cash there. DO NOT GO THERE FOR AT LEAST A MONTH. You also have some cash in your P.O. box, about $10,000. Be cool. Don't blow it. Nobody knows but you.

Sent to myself from www.futureme.org

Happy New Year

Hey Everyone!!

Here comes 2006.... Have a great one!!!

From Mike