$85,000 bid for four Aussie blokes


Bidding has skyrocketed for a weekend with four Sydney men auctioning themselves at online marketplace eBay, with a French buyer offering $85,100.

Marketing reps Corey, Mark, Zac and law student Lachie have put themselves up for auction at online marketplace eBay, welcoming bids for a weekend with four blokes in Sydney.
"Couldn't be bothered making the effort finding new friends at the pub?" the offer reads.
"Don't have friends who are up for a couple of beers, a few snags and a hell of a good time? Or just bored with your current friends and their obsession with nerd stuff?"
"What you need is a weekend with four fun blokes in inner Sydney."

The boys won't fly the successful bidder to Sydney or pay for their bus fare, but are promising to wine and dine in true Aussie style - with a few tinnies and a barbie from February 18 to 19.
They also allude to the possibility of an "international guest" from the UK, "making it five blokes for the price of four".

French bidder renaudwald has offered a whopping $85,100 for the weekend treat, the 141st bid since the auction began on January 25.

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