Happy Australia Day


Hi peoples, wow its Australia day! This is my first one for 2 years here in Australia... last year I was in New Zealand. Whats even better? Going to the cricket! Here is my tribute to all things Australian

Its me and Austin Powers... I'm on the right in the yellow! This was taken last Australia Day in New Zealand... notice the funky AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE T-shirt.

Where was The Hoff when we were playing against England in the ashes?

Stick this in your pipe Holden! Ford wins 3 championships in a row. You can have bathurst, we'll have that number 1 on the door!

Things that make Australia great:
(in no particular order)
  1. The Croc Hunter
  2. Cricket
  3. Aussie Rules (AFL)
  4. That Aussies take no crap from no one
  5. How we can say one word and it can mean more than one thing
  6. Men at Work (You know that song "Down Under")
  7. Being called The Great Southland of the Holy Spirit
  8. Being one of the most liveable country in the world
  9. V8 Supercars
  10. Our chocolate
  11. Kangaroos
  12. Koalas
  13. Australians such as Kath & Kim, The Croc Hunter, Russell Coight, Roy & HG, and Rolf Harris
  14. Bogan Rock... (Aussie Rock Bands from the 80's and 90's with the mullets)
  15. Mullets
  16. Slang
  17. Australia 1 Day Cricket Matches Versing New Zealand and England
  18. Crowded House
  19. Pie & Coke at the cricket - also not at the cricket
  20. Our War Cry: Aussie Aussie Aussie - Oi Oi Oi
Things that make Australia bad:
  1. Home & Away
  2. Blue Heelers
  3. Neighbours
  4. All Saints
  5. Every other crap soap opera or aussie drama show
  6. Kylie Minogue
  7. Russell Crowe... wait he's kiwi but some how everyone thinks that he's aussie
  8. The fact that Ford can't win Bathurst
  9. That we're becoming Americanised
Feel free to add to my list in the comments below... this is going to be continuously updated when I think of stuff

3 Comment(s):

Rosanna said...

Bad things:

10. It's very un-Australian to say sorry
11. The beer gut
12. New Idea & Woman's Day (Or should they each have a category of their own?)
13. Bert Newton

sammierae said...

14. flys and mozzies (one of its kind)

21. Hewitt (ok i really like him cause he plays really good tennis!!)

Mikestar said...

15. The Wiggles (Actually good for the under 5's age group