My Momma Was a Fish


What is the problem with Creationism being taught in schools? Apparently everything.

People prefer to believe that over billions of years a fish decided it had enough of living in the ocean and decided one day to go for a walk so it grew a legs and then decided that it that in 50 billion years time that it would 'evolve' and be able to stand up right and wear clothes so that they didn't look silly when they went in to order McDonald's.....

I got a theory about Evolution - Darwin was adopted!

The worst thing that can happen is that Christians are gonna sit back while and not teach creationism so that everyone can believe their momma was a fish.

In a nut shell (This is me in a nut shell - 'Help I'm in a nut shell'), that's what evolutionists believe. While yet its a 'theory', people still prefer to believe that. Why? Because the church hasn't woken up yet. The church don't get it because coz they are too woosy and afraid that they are gonna offend someone that's going to hell by showing them the truth. If the church really believed what they believed they would show it instead of waiting for God to go "Voila, there you go my son, live long and prosper". Miracles should follow us where ever we go. Look at Jesus, every where he went people followed, why? Because saw the miracles and couldn't wait to see what Jesus was going to do next. He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, and raised people from the dead. Cool huh? Yeah! Who wouldn't like to see that!!! Well let me tell you: God is real, if you regularly read my blog you would remember my testimony about how my mum was healed from a brain tumour. you can read it here.

People want proof and are skeptical. I can't blame someone for not wanting to be Christian when the only answer they can be given is "Well just pray and search your heart and.. blah blah blah" Give me a break! What kind of answer is that? Our most powerful weapon is our testimony!

The Church - The sleeping giant needs to wake up! Sooooo Wake Up!!

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