What does God think?


Chatrooms are so darn stupid and boring. You probably already knew that. I did, but I just needed to say it. Since coming back from Planetshakers I can really tell I've changed. I used to like the chatrooms to a degree, now I just find them so stupid and boring. Not only this but one thing I've realised is that its EXHAUSTING sitting in Yahoo chat and listening to mindless dribble and people trying to convert souls when I know that the majority of unsaved people just go into these rooms and do stuff to stir up trouble as a form of entertainment because some Christians don't know what it means to really be a Christian. They think they are doing God a favour by sitting there telling people they are going to hell.

You're probably reading this and going "Mike, stop judging", hey dude, I haven't even started. What do I do? go with the flow... Hell, stop being so politically correct you jerk. You think I'm judging coz you're a stupid boring old fart. Now before you take the Bible out of context and make one doctrine out of a verse God has already judged the world. Do you think I've got nothing better to do? Infact, don't YOU have anything better to do? If you don't like me I don't give a stuff, You haven't done jack for me when Jesus has done EVERYTHING. Do you think I wake up in the morning and go "Hmmm today I might get on the net and a write a weblog entry and just judge people"? Thats just stupid.

I'm sick of sitting around like a Dr Phil wannabe and listening to peoples spill their problems when I don't have the answers but God does. Heck use some initative and don't ask people all the time or otherwise if it was a bad choice you'll end up blaming them for where you are.

God doesn't need your opinion. He was doing fine before you came along. God just wants people who are willing to be obedient. The problem is with chatrooms is that people have too much to say and too much of their opinion. I don't care if you can debate about the pre-destination of Adam. How is that going to benefit mankind? Its like asking "Why did the chicken cross the road and getting everyones opinion about it: "I don't think its God's will for the chicken to cross the road" "Maybe the chicken didn't have enough faith and thats why he got ran over" "Maybe there was some unconfessed sin in the chickens life". That crap don't interest me.

I know that if all the stuff about Jesus happened in the year 2006 instead of back then I know that everyone would want Jesus... check it out... EVERYWHERE Jesus went a crowd followed, yep, uhh huh. But the truth is that Jesus is in Heaven and waiting for Christians to get off their butts and get the world saved. He isn't going to do it coz he left all His power and all His Authority to us like a Christmas present. Nothing ain't gonna happen until you kill your own opinion about people and find out what God thinks....

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