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Tom Cruise is a tool

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If anyone was wondering why Katie Holmes would take a 14 hour plane trip to Australia last week while seven and a half months pregnant, just to attend the funeral of a man she never met, the answer is because her fiancé is a lunatic. Katie promised her parents she wasn't going on the trip to attend the memorial service for Kerry Packer with fiancé Tom Cruise because of all the obvious health risks involved with pregnancy at such a late stage, but then the rumors of a breakup hit the newsstands, and Tom basically dragged her to Australia, and then paraded her around the continent for photo ops. Katie's family is said to be furious that she was used this way, that her health would be put at genuine risk just because of Toms obsession with his public image.

Tom Cruise may or may not have gone to med school, I don't know for sure, but he seems pretty relaxed about his girlfriends health. A real gentleman would have more respect for his lady. But its obvious that Tom Cruise is a tool.

Thats just what I think

Where Are They Now? #1. Bros.

Anyone know what happened to the Band BROS? They were a 3 piece guy group from the 80's. They sang songs such as "When will I be famous".

Don't ask why I'm wondering, they just came to my mind...

Napoleon Dynamite Quote of the moment

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Boy: "What are you going to do today, Napoleon?"
Napoleon: "Whatever I feel like I want to do! Gosh!"

AFL Footy Tipping Competition

Hey Guys I've just started an AFL Footy Tipping Competition... To join up go here

Its pretty much opened up to all Aussies

Good Luck

Youth Program for Feb

I didn't know what to put for this post for my blog so I've decided to put a link to our youth program that you can download for free... we hand these out to our youth every month.

Click here to check it out


What's the fuss?

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Am I just crazy or is this the photo that is causing the riots around the world by Muslims.... Heck I thought they were suppose to be a religion of peace... Looks like they are a religion of pieces now!

geek, for goodness sake they should just wear a shirt that says "I'm sensitive don't talk to me" or some crap, geez get a life.
Ok so I'm probably going to get the crap beaten out of me for putting this on here. Someone is bound to say "Mike you're Christian, you're not suppose to do that, you're suppose to love everyone". Ok, before you continue to smoke your drugs, let me say 2 things... Firstly don't take the word out of context and mis quote it and make a whole doctrine about how Jesus came to earth and he loved everyone and showed flower power to everyone and gave out daisies and 'peace man'. People who come up with the garbage obviously don't know who Jesus is and have just taken something they heard someone say and added a bit more flavour to it... you're wasting my time.

Here comes the hate mail in the comments!!!

A joke for you

Q: How many Christians does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None, they've already seen the light

Ok, I made that up ages ago...

Its been a week since my last post and I have really nothing to say...

My Birthday was Yesterday

Happy Birthday to me... I have officially been 28 for 24 hours.... woopy... lol