Tom Cruise is a tool


If anyone was wondering why Katie Holmes would take a 14 hour plane trip to Australia last week while seven and a half months pregnant, just to attend the funeral of a man she never met, the answer is because her fiancé is a lunatic. Katie promised her parents she wasn't going on the trip to attend the memorial service for Kerry Packer with fiancé Tom Cruise because of all the obvious health risks involved with pregnancy at such a late stage, but then the rumors of a breakup hit the newsstands, and Tom basically dragged her to Australia, and then paraded her around the continent for photo ops. Katie's family is said to be furious that she was used this way, that her health would be put at genuine risk just because of Toms obsession with his public image.

Tom Cruise may or may not have gone to med school, I don't know for sure, but he seems pretty relaxed about his girlfriends health. A real gentleman would have more respect for his lady. But its obvious that Tom Cruise is a tool.

Thats just what I think

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Elena said...

I totally agree...Tom Cruise is such a tool...I am wondering if Tom Cruise would be eligible to play the role in Dumb & Dumber part 3.