Am I nice or what?


Getting traffic can be a pain in the butt. I understand that. I am a part of Blog Explosion. If you want to boost your traffic click here

If that's not enough, because I'm a nice guy I am giving away my credits to anyone I want at any time. Isn't that nice of me? But there's a catch. There's 2 ways of getting credits from me.
  1. Leave a comment on my blog at any of the posts I make (Don't forget to leave your Blog Explosion username or you won't be getting anything).
  2. Leave a comment below and plea your case about why you deserve credits (Go on, be creative). I can understand that there is going to be some serious sucking up here and that's ok. Any threats of violence will guarantee that you won't ever get credits from me from now or in the near future. Yep, you can even enter as many times as you want

Winners maybe notified with a special comment from me in their weblog.

Ok, that's all you have to do.

Now the fine print:

1. Any threats of violence don't work

2. Bribes may work, even with M&M's

3. I choose who I give the credits to, when, where, and how much.

4. Just because you leave a comment doesn't automatically entitle you to my credits (See #3)

5. Credits are transferred with Blog Explosion's Transfer credit feature. I don't sell them through sites such as Paypal or E-bay as this will see my account suspended.

6. Sucking up to me is allowed.

7. The amount of credits given will be anywhere between 10 and 500. Just because I give you 10 and not 100 don't mean I don't like you or anything. It just means that I probably don't have any credits left to give.

8. I can change these rules at anytime without notice.

9. My decision is final.

10. You can enter as many times as you want

11. Be thankful that I'm actually giving my credits away

12. Don't take it to heart that you don't get any

13. I don't have to explain why I gave that amount or why I didn't give you credits

14. MOST IMPORTANTLY: You MUST include your Blog Explosion username so I know who to transfer my credits to. Make sure it's correct before publishing your comments or you won't be getting anything - hey as I said before, I need your username. Put something like "MY B.E USERNAME: name" at the end of your post is prefered (where it says name is where you put your username). My B.E username is 'planetmike'. You will be notified via email that you've won credits as Blog Explosion notifies people when they have recieved credits.

12 Comment(s):

plusultra said...

By Crykey Mike giving away credits is like stickin your hand in a crocodiles mouth! Crazy. I would bribe you with M + M's or even Reeses Pieces. How about some Lucky Charms Cereal? Whatever it takes. I think you should give me credits because I am the first to comment on this post and If you do I will tell everybody about what a great guy you are on my site! Thanks Mate Your site is like shrimp on the barbie,and a glass of Foster's Beer! MMMM.... beer...

plusultra said...

My blog explosion username is plusultra

Scottage said...

Hey Mike,

You are being nice, and it's totally appreciated, so I'm not going to take advantage of your generosity, though it's appreciated!

I was hoping I could ask you for a bit of information though. I was wondering how you are transferring credits? I am holding a raffle for people who take part in a survey I'm holding, but I haven't figured out teh best way to give them their credits. I was thinking of resorting to Paypal so they could buy the credits, but would rather just give them credits. Would you tell me how you're accomplishing it?

Finally, I see that you doctored some photos to make some very funny you do this professionally? I would be wiling to pay some money or credits for some custom photos, if you would be interested, just let me know. I like your site, and tomorrow morning I'll set up a link to you on my site. Thanks for the help, and I look forward to your response.

Artist said...

What a great idea Mike to give away Freebies, you've got to be an Aussie.

I'm another Aussie from Australia's Gold Coast. Now wouldn't someone who lives there on the beach need lots of freebies.

Check out my blog and you'll see the train of thought that happens as an `Aussie Sheila' walks along an Aussie Beach.

Would talk longer but the beach is beckoning and do hope I qualify for your generous charity.

Opps my Blog Explosion name is of coure `Artist' What else from this beautiful land.

Skyler said...

You should give me credits because-hahahhahahahha-this is the funniest thing ever. But I'm not a suck-up-er.

You can send your hate mail to Skyler.

Mikestar said...

Ok, you wanted hate mail and not credits?

Maggie said...

Here goes with the sucking up:

1. I am an Australian. Now that has to be worth some credits.
2. I have several blogs and Saying No to the Culture of Death is not winning in the battle of the blogs. That means I lose the few credits that I own.
3. I follow Australian Rules Football.
4. I was born in Melbourne but I live in Sydney.
5. I do not follow the Swans.
6. St.Kilda rules (I hope that does not cost me those credits that I need so much)
7. I am a committed Christian and I believe in supporting the culture of life. I have more than one blog and I believe in speaking out on issues of injustice and lack of civil rights.
8. Tom Cruise is a jerk.
9. Snmarties are better than M & M s
10 Tim Tams are even better than smarties.
11. I would rather eat roast lamb than go on a date with Tom Cruise


Luka said...

i lalalaLOVE it when BE members give away credits! it rocks socks! :-) MY B.E USERNAME: ubiestluka

JC Skinner said...

Hi Mike! Nice blog, mate. Fair play to you for being so kind and generous in what is all too often a bit of a shitty ole world.
Here's hoping that this catches on. We could do with an epidemic of generosity around the place these days.
God knows, it would be better than bird flu.
Anyhow, I'm not overtly begging so much as acknowledging the warm fuzzy feeling your action made me.
And since that feeling generally only comes following a nice ball of single malt, I have to give you two thumbs up.
Good luck with the blog and all you do, JCSkinner.

eastcoastlife said...

Hi Mike!
You want traffic? How about from SE Asia? Let's barter, you give me credits for a mention on my blog.

My BE username is eastcoastlife.

PoEt said...

interesting idea about giving away credits. first off i plan to vote for you right now on battle of the blogs. secondly im trying to get enough credits to start my own battle. my visitor count to today has been pretty low.

the main idea behind our blog is to give bloggers a place to share their ideas, as well as promote their own blog website or affiliate. we currently have 20 active authors, so Im trying to get them all the traffic they deserve.

thank you

be username= ffnstuff

countrylady said...

I let someone sucker me into giving credits,well he just ask and I sent him 50 dumb me never got a thank have a nice blog.