The Amazing Race 9: Teams Unveiled


The Amazing Race teams have been unveiled... Here they are!
From left to right:
BJ & Tyler (age 26/25) - Best Friends
Quick bio: BJ is a Harvard grad, Tyler fell in love with a Japanese woman and tried to impress her by walking the entire length of Japan.
Who they remind me of / look like: A couple of bogans
John & Scott (41/38) - Life-long Friends
Quick bio: John has a (eek!) fear of flying... take road trips to... hmmm... Provincetown?
Who they remind me of / look like: Part of a two part boy band
Ray & Yolanda (31/27) - Dating
Quick bio: Yolanda ran track for Univ. of Florida, Ray is an attorney, self-described as stubborn and opinionated
Who they remind me of / look like: OJ Simpson and his wife
Joseph & Monica (23/23) - Dating
Quick bio: Ummm, not a lot.. They're Southerners
Who they remind me of / look like: Barbie & Ken

From left to right:
Wanda & Desiree (44/24) - Mother/Daughter
Quick bio: Wanda is fluent in Spanish, Desiree says mom tends to be overprotective
Who they remind me of / look like: They are the stereotypical psychotic mother and daughter team they have on every season
Lake & Michelle (37/36) - Married Parents
Quick bio: Laid-back Michelle notes Lake is a classic "Type A" personality and hopes he won't cause friction during the Race
Who they remind me of / look like: Your typical groovy youth pastors
Fran & Barry (61/63) - Retirees/Married 40 Years
Quick bio: Enjoy "adventure travel" though Fran once refused to bungee jump in New Zealand... tho she has sky-dived.
Who they remind me of / look like: Any of the older couples, but they sound like the edgiest/fittest senior set yet!
Eric & Jeremy (27/26) - Friends
Quick bio: Met while running college track, self-described as cocky, competitive, and strong athletes
Who they remind me of / look like: These are the the pretty boys of the show
Left, Up, & Down (sorry the individual team page wasn't working for these last 2 teams... so squint):
David & Lori (30/25) - Dating
Quick bio: Lori would like to get married, David would like to get his career off the ground
Who they remind me of / look like: A Couple of Nerds
Danielle & Dani (22/22) - Childhood Friends
Quick bio: Outgoing/Talkative, not much travel experience, big boobs
Who they remind me of / look like: If Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson were on the Simple Life together, this would be it
Lisa & Joni (48/44) - Sisters
Quick bio: Loud & rambunctious, they are both over 6 feet tall... would use their winnings for some plastic surgery
Who they remind me of / look like: Those anoying infomercial ladies on late night TV
And yes, the show is back to being a "race around the world"... contestants will hit all 5 continents this season!
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Carmen said...

I found an Aussie blog! I just got back from Australia, and loved it. A shout out to your country. Holla!

I hope the two hippy guys get far, they're funny, and provide entertainment. I like the two boy band friends, but I don't want to see them drooling all over the ditzy pink friends the whole show. Bleck!