Bad Taste


Our Youth program is running a Bad Taste night on April 8. As the name suggests that is our theme. All things bad taste, this includes what we wear. Last time we ran the night I was dressed in what I'm sure belonged to my dad when he was dating my mum back in the early 70's as I was wearing a purple/pink suit. To give you an idea of how bad this suit was, I kind of looked like The Joker's (on Batman) half gay cousin - Just check the photo out and you'll see what I mean. No I'm not using this as a platform for me to come out of the closet, I don't even own a closet!

Keeping with the theme of bad taste all the tunes playing was all 80's stuff - you know the music that you would never get caught listening to but in secret you actually like it? Stuff like Vanilla Ice and New Kids On The Block. We also had a 'walk off', like what they done on Zoolander. The scariest part about this is that most of the kids will now have no idea who Vanilla Ice or New Kids on the Block.

About this photo. The other guy here is a friend of mine who for security purposes I will call 'Steve' (Because that's his real name). See that facial hair? 'Steve' sacrificed his sons teddy bear and used the lining to make sideburns, the moustache, goatee, and mono-brow. Sort of looks like that loud, alcoholic uncle that everyone has that always turns up to special events and seems to know everything.

Ok here's the deal... I have no idea what to go dressed as. If you've got an idea then I'd like to hear your response. Leave your idea in the comments below. I'm pretty much open to anything, so go ahead and make my day.

(Actually I am thinking of going as Napoleon Dynamite and get a couple of the youth to be other characters from the movie)

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Elena said...

I Love the purple look so great!

I thought of some ideas:
1. The cast of the Aussie movie the Castle.
2. Steve Urkel
3. New Kids on the Block
4. MC Hammer
5. Vanilla Ice
6. The cast of the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
7. The Crock Hunter with a plastic crocodile....actually if you did that in the U.S. everyone would go wild
8. Mc Dunn Dee....this would also be too funny actually if you did that in the U.S....especially with your amazing Aussie accent!

Napoleon Dynomite-is a pretty great idea for dressing up on bad taste night as well.