The Commonwealth Games is here


Wow, The Commonwealth Games are here. I'm looking outside as I write this and its kind of raining and its not. I don't think the clouds can make up its mind. Honestly I don't care if it rains or not on their parade because I'm not there at the opening ceremony.

The games are here in Melbourne this year. Being in Australia has given me time to think of a bunch of ideas for real Aussie events.

  • Carrying a grand piano down 15 flights of stairs by themselves
  • Wrestle an elephant to the ground with your bare hands
  • Pull a concrete truck by themselves
  • Do what spiderman done and become part of a rail and let a train drive over you.
  • Fight with your identical twin brother who weighs the same and looks the same as you(AKA Bizaro Superman)
  • Pick up a frozen lake iceblock and throw it onto a fire (AKA Superman)
  • Smash 200 coconuts with your head.
  • Demolish a 2 story house with your hands
  • Give 10 500 pound people a piggy back ride at the same time
  • Swim in a pond with Croc's
  • Swim with a crown of thorns down the spedo's
  • Skulling cans of drink
  • Burping competitions

I might aproach the commonwealth games organising commitee

Whats your ideas?

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