Crikey Credits Winner #2: ubiestLuka


We got winner #2 of Mike's Crikey credits from Blog Explosion *Drum roll* Congratulations to: ubiestLuka He wins 15 Credits.... Am I nice or what? Here's herhis comment:

saw your post on the BE forums - you know the one - the one about commenting for
credits. i'm ubiestLuka.:-)dude. this picture is too funny. they're still all
dorks though. even with all the money :-) it's great!

You can be a winner like ubiestLuka, Just leave a comment along with your B.E username - its that easy!! Click Here for the full rules! If you don't win, don't take it to heart, keep trying!

2 Comment(s):

epiac1216 said...

Saw your credit offer at BE's Headlines. I'm hungry for credits and thought I'd give it a shot.

On the serious side. That photograph Microsoft's people looks like prison inmates. If I would see them together at night, I would run like a mad man.

Mr. Billions (Bill Gates) has a sick face or something. Maybe at that time his sickness was lack of "Greenbacks".

Money work miracles. Don't you think?

Just my shot at your credits. Did I make it?



Mikestar said...

Ummm... nope, you left out your Blog Explosion user name, you gotta read the rules

Rule #11. MOST IMPORTANTLY: You MUST leave your Blog Explosion username so I know who to transfer my credits to, and make sure that its correct before publishing your comments or you won't be getting anything.

Check the full details and rules here: