First Winner of Crikey Credits


We got our first winner of Blog Explosion credits from Blog Explosion *Drum roll* Congratulations to:


He wins 10 Credits.... Aren't I nice or what?

Here's his comment:

By Crykey Mike giving away credits is like stickin your hand in a crocodiles mouth! Crazy. I would bribe you with M + M's or even Reeses Pieces. How about some Lucky Charms Cereal? Whatever it takes. I think you should give me credits because I am the first to comment on this post and If you do I will tell everybody about what a great guy you are on my site! Thanks Mate Your site is like shrimp on the barbie,and a glass of Foster's Beer! MMMM.... beer...
You can be a winner like Plusultra, Just leave a comment!!
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If you don't win, don't take it to heart, keep trying!

2 Comment(s):

Serra said...

Thanks very much for the pictures of Thorpedo. He's usually much more delicious-looking, but a girl can't have everything, can she?

Scottage said...

Hey, I can hear the parade in the backround, the fans are gong crazy! You know it, here comes the's plusultra....congrats.

Hey Mike, a pleasure as always!