For God So Loved


I will never forget the first time I saw The Passion of the Christ. It was the most horrific account I have seen of Jesus death and suffering. But through it all I still can't help but think it would've still been more worse even though it looked real.

Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane and He knew that His time had come. Jesus would've done anything ANYTHING at all to escape what was about to happen. But Jesus looked down the corridor of time and saw you and me without a future and hope that's why He went to the cross. No words and no movie could accurately portrait the agony and suffering Jesus was feeling in the garden. His closest friends: the disciples who had been with Him for 3 years had fallen asleep. There was no one, no one at all there to comfort Him except the Father. But the thing that amazes me the most is what Jesus said minutes before the soldiers came to arrest Him. "Yet not my will, but Yours". Jesus had just submitted to the father His will and ultimately His destiny. He saw what was to come. He saw that all sickness and pain and ultimately death would be destroyed forever. And after all this, Jesus so Loved you and I.

Then the soldiers came. Its about to happen, everything that was prophesied about Jesus death and resurrection was about to come to pass. Judas the thief, but still one of Jesus friends betrayed Him with a kiss. Judas had see all the miracles that Jesus had done. He saw compassion ooze out of Him. He had heard Jesus speak about loving one another. He knew Jesus was different from everyone else. So why did He betray him with a kiss? didn'tit didn't stop there. Petedidn'till didn't understand what was about to take place and how this event would change humanity forever. He grabbed a sword and cut the ear off a soldier. How can Jesus still love Judas after being betrayed? How can he go over to the soldier and restore His ear? What was going on in that soldiers mind? But after all this Jesus so loved you and I.

Lets fast forward to a courtyard. Here is the place where Jesus was about to take mine and your sicknesses. Isaiah prophesied this time was coming and now it was here. He said "By your stripes You were healed. What were the stripes? The stripes came when Jesus was whipped for you and I. He could've opened His mouth. He could've been released. Everything inside of Him was saying to not go through with it. The whips were not just normal whips. These were specially made to punish criminals. They had bits of metal and other sharp objects interwoven into them. Jesus was given the death of a criminal and the highest number of whips was 39. Some Christian theologians say that each strip represents a sickness or disease ever created by the enemy. The soldier who was whipping was well trained and did not hold back one bit and proceeded to tear to shredÂ’s our saviours back. Why? Because Jesus so loved you and I.

After the torture, the soldiers humiliated and mocked Jesus by placing a crown of thorns on his head. Yes He was the King of Kings. But there's nothing more worse and humiliating than being stripped naked and then having a purple cloak around you and a crown of thorns pushed into your skull while being mocked. Why did it happen? Because He so loved you and I.

Now Jesus was sentenced to death, He was to carry a wooden coarse cross up to the mountain of Golgotha. Golgotha means "The place of the skull". Where is all our trials taken place? Where are we tempted most? In our minds. So why was Jesus crucified at Golgotha? To give us victory over our minds! As he was walking up the mountain exhausted and half dead, He looked up and saw the cross in the distance, the final place of victory. This was the place that He had dreaded. But it began.

Jesus thought "This is how much I love the worl". And His left hand was nailed into the cross. "Do you see how much I love You?" He thought, and with the belt of the hammer Jesus hands was nailed to the cross. But there was more. "I want you to walk with me" He thought "I will hold you, I will help you, I am your comforter, your shield, I am your everything, so walk with me" and with the last blow of the hammer, Jesus feet were nailed into the wood. The crowd began to mock and laugh as the cross was raised up. The weight of His body was crushing his lungs, Most of his bones in his arms and shoulders were broken. The only way he could breathe was to pull himself up and take a deep breath and allow His bloody back to scrape the cross. And with a breath He cried "Forgive them father, they don't know what they are doing". Why? Because Jesus so Loved you and I.

All of a sudden the sky turned black. What was happening? All the sin of the world from past, to present, to future generations had now been placed on the cross and the worst thing that could ever happen was now taking place. The father turned His back on His only precious son. Jesus was now forsaken and all alone. He cried to His heavenly Dad "My God, My God, Why have You forsaken me?" There was no-one. God the father had turned away his back on His Son and separated Himself from Jesus. The full effects of sin was now taking place. There was no-one there. There was no-one to tell Jesus that they were sorry. There was no-one to tell Jesus that it was going to be alright. He was alone. Why did Jesus let it happen? Because He so Loved you and I.

One final thing had to be done. With one last breath Jesus said "Into Your hands, I commit my Spirit" and died. Early Sunday morning in a lowly cave, there was a loud noise. It was the sound of a boulder supernaturally being moved from the entrance of the cave where Jesus was. But He was no longer dead, He was alive. He had conquered death and sin. All things were now under his feet. Why did Jesus go through all of this? Because He so Loved you and I.

Why did I write this account? Its because God hates sin. Our sin has put Jesus on the cross. Our sin forced Him to have his back scourged. Our sin caused the nails to go into his hands and his feet. Our sin have caused Jesus to hang on the cross. Without Jesus death we couldn't have life more abundant (John 10:10).

Put your faith and hope in Jesus. Whatever you are going through trust in Him! (John 3:16).

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thinkoffthefat said...

Mike, thanks for the comment on my blog. That is a cool dog. I just love animals. Katie is part dog and part human, I believe it. She begins to act like that because she feels so much a part of you. What a Blessing to be able to surf and find people who spread the good news as Jesus has instructed us to do. I saw The Passion movie four times, bought the DVD and soundtrack CD. I like your site, will be back. God Bless you.