Look What I Got


My friend came back from holidays and look what he got me. It's a DVD rewinder. Pretty neat huh? Now I don't have to worry about rewinding my DVD's. Thank God, about time I was sick of sitting there waiting for them to rewind now I can be doing other stuff.

I've tried rewinding CD's and it works just as well.

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Ben said...

I really need one of those. Then I won't have to throw out my DVDs after watching them. I bought Buffy three times, dammit.

Now surfing BE is going to save me money. That's grouse.

plusultra said...

Wow! what nice friends you have! That dvd rewinder sounds as exciting as the new chordless screwdriver my friend brought me from his trip down under. The crikey credits giveawayathon is AWESOME! good fun mate!